Bobby Caldwell

Who is Bobby Caldwell wife? The veteran singer ***** news has left every music lover from the nineties in grief. The sudden and unexpected demise shocked Bobby’s fans and admirers.

Robert Hunter Caldwell alias Bobby Caldwell was a professional singer, songwriter, and talented musician from America.

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Throughout Robert’s singing career, he released multiple albums in different genres like R&B, soul, contemporary, and jazz.

The vocalist was renowned for his soulful, flexible voice. In 1978, Caldwell debuted his hallmark song “What You Won’t Do for Love,” which became a hit single off his double platinum debut album Bobby Caldwell.

After releasing numerous CDs of smooth jazz and R&B, the songwriter initiated performing Great American Songbook standards.

The artist composed numerous songs for various musicians, including Amy Grant and Peter Cetera’s “The Next Time I Fall,” which peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Unfortunately, Bobby Caldwell died on Monday, March 13, 2023, and music lovers are eager to find out the actual cause of the singer’s demise.

Bobby Caldwell Wife Mary Caldwell

Bobby Caldwell was married to his wife Mary Caldwell. Bobby and Mary tied the marital knot in 2004 and had been living as husband and wife ever since.

The couple and their kids were residing on a horse farm in New Jersey at the time of his demise.

Bobby passed away here at home, according to a statement issued on Caldwell’s official Twitter account on March 15, 2023. As he left us, Mary tightly hugged him in her arms.

After the news of Bobby Caldwell ***** appeared on users’ screens, they began to send tribute, condolences, and prayers to the singer’s family.

Caldwell’s family stated that the singer passed away peacefully in his sleep. Sadly, no information about the funeral service is available to the public.

Bobby Caldwell *****
Bobby Caldwell died in his sleep. (Source: marinij)

Bobby’s family is going through a hard time, and maybe they might reveal the vocalist’s actual ***** cause and funeral details in the future.

The songwriter was raised on the music of Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. Bobby began playing the piano and guitar when he was 12 years old.

The singer loved rock & roll, jazz, and rhythm and blues. Early in the 1970s, the vocalist’s first big break came as Little Richard’s rhythm guitarist.

After a while, the singer and his band disbanded and went solo. Bobby spent six years in Los Angeles performing in various bar bands and attempting to land a record deal by the year 1977.

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Bobby Caldwell *****: Illness And Health Before *****

Bobby Caldwell ***** news has made the entire music industry mourn. The artist’s unexpected demise has left everyone by surprise.

As per multiple sources, Bobby Caldwell ***** happened after a long battle with a protracted illness. However, the actual reason for the iconic Bobby Caldwell ***** is not disclosed.

The previous year, Bobby and his family had a challenging year. The musician’s family asked for prayers when admirers learned last summer that he had had an unidentified injury that had forced him to postpone his concerts for the rest of 2021.

The singer’s family is currently mourning Bobby Caldwell ***** and has not disclosed any medical files or cause of the icon’s demise.

In the past, Caldwell was administered an antibiotic in January 2017. The vocalist got bilateral Achilles tendon ruptures and peripheral neuropathy after taking the medication for several days.

Bobby Caldwell
Bobby Caldwell singing on the stage. (Source: vocal )

Despite his wounds, Bobby performed with the assistance of a wheelchair, a cane, and his assistants.

The songwriter’s condition regrettably worsened over time, and he had very limited mobility and a lot of neuropathic pain.

Bobby had always intended to continue playing music and performing for the rest of his life. Caldwell could never have predicted what transpired.

Several of the singer’s admirers had written and sent cards to Bobby over the past couple of years following his injury, and Caldwell read every letter he received, bringing joy to his face.

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