Keira Knightley Brother

Caleb Knightley is the Pride & Prejudice star Keira Knightley brother (elder) and only sibling. The brother and sister duo share a solid bond. Find out all the details about Caleb below.

Keira Knightley is a prominent English Actress. She is widely recognized for her work in independent films and blockbusters, especially period dramas.

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Withing her over three decades-long acting career, she starred in numerous movies and series. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Pride & Prejudice, Atonement, The Imitation Game, etc.

Regarding her personal life, she is a family woman. Today’s article concerns Keira Knightley’s brother, Caleb Knightley.

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Who Is Caleb Knightley? Keira Knightley Brother- Age Gap And Family

Caleb Knightley is the elder brother of Actress Keira Knightley. The Knightley siblings were born to their parents – Will Knightley and Sharman Macdonald.

While Keira was born on 26 March 1985, her brother was born in 1979. Thus, as of 2024, the Actress is 39 year old, and her elder sibling is 45, which means the brother-sister duo has six years of the age gap.

Keira Knightley Brother
Keira Knightley with his only sibling, Caleb Knightley. (Image Source: Twitter)

Moreover, the brother-sister duo shares a close bond. They often appear together in public. The Silent Night Actress played a bridesmaid at Caleb’s wedding in early 2011. She looked stunning in a purple above-the-knee bridesmaid dress with a V-neckline and shoulder ties.

Meanwhile, Keira’s sister-in-law wore a long-sleeved cream-colored dress inspired by the 1950s style.

Caleb and Keira’s mother is of Scottish and Welsh descent, and their Father is of English descent. Their dad, Will Knightley, is a well-established Actor with over forty acting credits. On the other hand, their mom worked as a playwright after ending her acting career.

Following the birth of Keira’s elder brother, their parents experienced severe financial difficulties. Will Knightley – a “middling” Actor – only consented to have a second child if her mother first sold a script. They achieved varying degrees of success.

Caleb Knightley Is Also An Actor

The Knightley family is star-studded. Caleb Knightley is also involved in the entertainment industry, like his sister and parents.

According to his IMDb page, Caleb is a composer who has worked in the sound department of many movies. The talented composer Caleb is known for his work in Steve, Come Here Today, Deflation, and The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of the Suicide Brothers.

However, Keira’s elder sibling appears to have changed his career path. He has not worked on any project since 2010. Thus, Caleb Knightley’s current profession is unclear, as he rarely appears in public nowadays. Hopefully, he is doing well in his professional life.

Keira Knightley Brother Is A Married Man: Meet His Wife Kerry Nixon

Caleb Knightley shares a blissful marital life with his wife, Kerry Nixon. As of the 2011’s report, Caleb Knightley’s wife, Kerry Nixon, is a designer.

Keira Knightley Brother
Keira Knightley with her sister-in-law, Kerry Nixon, a designer. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

The Pride & Prejudice Actress’ sister-in-law has also been involved in the entertainment industry. Kerry Nixon is known for working in the sound department as a composer in the 2001 short movie Deflation.

Maybe Kerry and Caleb met while working together in the short movie. Details about the Knightley-Nixon couple’s kids are yet to be made public.

The composer couple prefers their life away from the media scrutiny like Keira. The Actress doesn’t seem to be active on Instagram.

The Imitation Game star, Keira, has married a British musician James Rington. The Knightley-Rington duo has two children.

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