Carlos Medina Wife

People want to know about the housekeeper husband, Carlos Medina wife. Carlos Medina was arrested in the ******** of the ***** of a Los Angeles bishop.

According to authorities, the husband of the victim’s maid and a worker at his residence is the man who was detained on Monday in connection with the weekend ****** of a Catholic bishop that shook Los Angeles’ immigrant and religious communities.

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Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna reported that Auxiliary Bishop David O’Connell, 69, was tragically shot on Saturday in the bedroom of his home in Hacienda Heights, an unincorporated area about 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

At their Torrance home, roughly 35 miles south of Hacienda Heights, a SWAT team detained Carlos Medina, the housekeeper for O’Connell.

At home held by the archdiocese, he claimed that investigators had not discovered any signs of a forced entry and that Medina’s wife was helping them.

According to Luna, detectives found weapons in Medina’s residence, and ballistic tests are still pending.

If Medina had a lawyer to represent him, that information was not immediately available. Let’s dive deep to learn more details about Carlos Medina wife and ****** case. 

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Who Is Carlos Medina Wife?

According to a Monday announcement from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the maid of Bishop David O’Connell’s husband has been detained in connection with the bishop’s *****.

But, because of how recent this case is, there aren’t much data surrounding the offender’s personal information online. Therefore, Carlos Medina wife name is also not currently known.

Carlos Medina, 65, was apprehended by police after an overnight siege at his Torrance home, L.A. County Sheriff Robert Luna announced at a press conference.

Carlos Medina Wife
Housekeeper Husband Arrested In ********. (Source: The US Sun)

The auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, O’Connell, 69, was discovered dead on Saturday afternoon in the bedroom of his Hacienda Heights home from a gunshot wound to the upper torso. At the scene, he was identified as deceased.

Police thought the ***** “strange,” according to Luna, but there was no trace of a forced entry into the House, and no handgun was found at the site.

After searching the area, detectives discovered security footage showing a dark-colored compact SUV pulling into O’Connell’s driveway, according to Luna.

Housekeeper Husband Arrested In ******** *****

Detectives then received a tip about Medina early on Sunday morning, according to Luna, who allegedly acted “weird, erratic, and making statements about the bishop owing him money.”

O’Connell’s housekeeper’s husband Medina had previously helped out around the bishop’s home and drove an SUV like the one in the video.

According to him, the tipster informed officers that Medina had left his Torrance home to travel to Central California.

Still, at around two in the morning on Monday, a resident informed police that Medina had returned. Medina was asked to surrender by the authorities when they encircled his House, but he resisted.

Subsequently, around 8:15 am, Medina left his home and was arrested without more incident, according to Luna.

The authorities found two firearms and other potential evidence, which Luna said would be investigated to see whether they had any connection to the ******.

Luna bemoaned the bishop’s ****** and called O’Connell a “pillar in our community.”

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