Derrick Ward Wife

Who is Derrick Ward wife Naomi Lee Allen-Ward? Reportedly, Derrick Ward, a former running back for the New York Giants, was the target of a restraining order issued by Naomi Lee Allen-Ward. 

Naomi Lee Allen-Ward, Derrick Ward’s wife, said that during the previous year, he had physically abused her multiple times and made threats to ****** her. 

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She accused the former NFL star of verbal, physical, and emotional abuse and sought a restraining order against him.

Derrick allegedly threatened to kill Naomi while reprimanding his daughter, adding, “You always have to f*****g say something!” I detest you! I’ll ****** you! I don’t mind if I wind up in jail.


She asserts that she suffered emotional and verbal abuse over their nine years of dating. 

However, she claims that for the past year, there was physical abuse in the relationship. Continue reading to learn more about Naomi Lee Allen-Ward.

Be with us till the end to learn more about Derrick Ward wife Naomi Lee Allen-Ward.

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Who Is Derrick Ward Wife Naomi Lee Allen-Ward?

Derrick Ward wife Naomi Lee Allen-Ward is a 36-year-old woman of English and Jamaican descent. 

Originally from Toronto, Canada, she resides in Van Nuys, California at the moment. Naomi attended the University of Toronto to study political science.

2008 saw Naomi sign with Def Jam Records as a member of Elecrtik Red, an all-girl ensemble.

After six years, she is currently the CEO and writer/developer of Allenworks & Allen Hairston Ent. Casting, show running, producing, and developing original concepts are among her duties. 

Naomi also works at Alpan Orthodontics as an assistant director of marketing.

Derrick Ward Wife
Derrick Ward Wife Naomi Lee Allen-Ward. (Source: Heavy)

According to her LinkedIn bio, “I had the good fortune to work on MTV producing television content, live as a recording artist signed to Island Def Jam, and have a branding specialty.” 

She worked on the incredible sales team at the Los Angeles lifestyle-branded Line Hotel.

Naomi is identified as the CEO of the digital marketing company Super Smart Social on her Facebook page. 

Additionally, Naomi is listed on her page as a singer/songwriter for Electrik Red. 

Originally from Toronto, Naomi, who is of English and Jamaican descent, currently resides in Van Nuys, California. 

Naomi claims to have produced the two-season MTV television program G’s to Gents on the same page. 

“Naomi is currently working on several writing projects, developing/producing television concepts, while pursuing a career in acting,” is the last sentence in her About section. 

Derrick Ward Kids And Family

In 2012, Naomi and Derrick Ward got married and welcomed their son, Xavier, into the world. September of 2016 saw the birth of their second son. 

Derrick is allegedly prohibited from being within 100 yards of Naomi and their sons due to the restraining order she allegedly filed.

The singer uses social media extensively. Visit Naomi Lee Allen-Ward’s Instagram to see a glimpse into her life through images. 

Derrick Ward Wife
A Super Bowl winner’s wife claims that in front of their daughter, her ex-husband from the New York Giants made threats to kill her. (Source: Heavy)

Derrick Ward objected to Michael Sam’s celebrations after Sam was selected by the St. Louis Rams in the 2014 NFL Draft. 

When Sam learned the news, he gave his boyfriend, Vito Cammisano, a kiss. 

Derrick then commented on Twitter, saying, “Man, you got little kids looking at the draft.” It’s unbelievable that ESPN let that occur. 

“Everyone who comments on my page saying what dude did was fine is getting blocked,” Derrick said after facing some backlash. I’ve blocked ten people thus far.

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