Edward Caban Wife

Who is Edward Caban wife Leidy Caban? Edward Caban is an American police officer and New York City Police Commissioner.

Under Keechant Sewell, he had previously held the position of First Deputy Police Commissioner.

Edward is in line to take over the Precinct, where he began his career as the first Latino Police Commissioner in New York City.

On Monday, July 17, 2023, at 10 am, Mayor Eric Adams will state Edward’s new position.

After Mayor Adams’ declaration, Edward will be the Bronx’s 40th Precinct. Since July 1, 2023, he has been acting as police commissioner.

Edward was declared to take over as interim commissioner following Keechant Sewell’s departure back on June 12, 2023. His supporters are incredibly excited as he is about to take over the NYPD.

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Who Is Edward Caban Wife Leidy Caban? Meet Son Edward And Daughter Ava

People want to know about Edward Caban wife Leidy Caban. He and his wife, Leidy, are enjoying a happy marriage. The Cristian Rivera Foundation includes Leidy.

Additionally, the couple brings up two great children together. They are parents to a daughter named Ava Caban and a son named Edward.

Edward Caban Wife
Edward Caban wife and children during their vacation. (Source: YouTube)

Ava, Edward’s teenage daughter, is 16 years old. Additionally, she is continuing her parents’ voluntary work at the Cristian Rivera Foundation.

Ava took part in the Cristian’s Journey book initiative in March 2019, selling a whole box of books. 

There are three siblings of Edward Caban. The internet does not contain their information. A Latino father who worked as a police investigator gave birth to Edward Caban in Puerto Rico.

Career Details Of Edward Caban

American police officer Edward Caban was reared in the Bronx and was born on September 8, 1967. He started his career in 1991 and, after three years, advanced through the ranks to become a sergeant.

He worked in numerous precincts while being promoted to the roles of inspector and adjutant. Notably, he most recently worked as Brooklyn North Patrol’s adjutant.

The prestigious job of New York City Police Commissioner is now held by Democratic Party member Caban, who was chosen by Mayor Eric Adams in 2023.

He previously worked for Kwawchant Sewell as the First Deputy Police Commissioner. 

In 2005, Caban became a captain and took on the Executive officer position at the 23rd Precinct in East Harlem. Later, in 2006, he was appointed Commanding Officer of the 25th Precinct.

Edward Caban wife
Edward is an American police officer and New York City Police Commissioner. (Source: NY Times)

Caban was promoted to deputy inspector in 2008 and appointed Adjunct of Patrol Borough Brooklyn North. In 2015, Caban was promoted to inspector.

Notably, the NYPD presented him with the esteemed “Man of the Year” award in October 2022. He stays in regular contact with Mayor Eric Adams professionally.

Following Keechant Sewell’s resignation on Monday, July 17, 2023, Caban—who has devoted more than 30 years to the organization—was appointed as the 46th commissioner of the New York Police Department.

His nomination is significant since he leads the agency for the first time in its 177-year existence as a Latino officer.

Edward Caban Other Details

Edward Caban’s parents are Puerto Rican and have roots in Ponce, Puerto Rico, even though he was born and reared in The Bronx, New York.

He is a third-generation New Yorker who immigrated to the country during the First World War.

To be considered one of New York City’s Finest requires courage, commitment, and enthusiasm, and I am so grateful for these cops’ selfless service!

Edward Caban, now 55 years old, began his career with the NYPD in 1991 as a patrol officer in the South Bronx.

He quickly advanced through the ranks and, after only three years, was assigned to the Brooklyn North Patrol as a sergeant. After that, in 1999, he was promoted to lieutenant.

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