Gladys Ricart Fiance

Who Is Gladys Ricart Fiance James Preston? Augustine Garcia, a former flame, was detained for her ******.

Gladys Ricart was fatally shot in her living room as she prepared to leave for her ideal wedding and enter the church to wed James Preston Jr.

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Investigators eventually discovered that Gladys was shot dead in cold blood while distributing bouquets to her bridesmaids when the murderer broke into her living room.

The terrible ****** is detailed in “Primal Instinct: Red Wedding” on Investigation Discovery, which also demonstrates how authorities were eventually able to apprehend the perpetrator.

We have information for you if you are interested in this case and want to know where Gladys’ killer is and more details on Gladys Ricart Fiance James Preston.

Who Is Gladys Ricart Fiance James Preston?

Who Is Gladys Ricart Fiance James Preston?  James Preston doesn’t want anyone to talk about his fiancée, not even him.

His heart begins to race at the mere mention of Gladys Ricart, the woman fatally shot hours before their wedding.

Sadly, Denise Martinez, Ricart’s second cousin, remarked, “It’s just too terrible for him. She gave an account of the awful ***** from Sunday night’s events. Media stories that denigrate his wife make the family’s situation worse.

Gladys Ricart Fiance
Gladys Ricart Fiance is James Preston. (Source: Investigation Discovery)

The anguished mother of Ricart Rosario and the would-be mourning groom are represented by Martinez, 63, who speaks alone. We have to be honest with them, Martinez said.

Yesterday, Preston, who has been keeping watch with his fiance’s family in Washington Heights, sat in dread in front of the TV with Rosario.

They heard news stories claiming that just days before her wedding, Ricart was “meeting” the gunman, Agustin Garcia, 47.

Ex-Boyfriend Augustine Garcia Arrested For Gladys Ricart ******

Gladys Ricart, a resident of Ridgefield, New Jersey, was ecstatic about her special day and could not wait to wed James Preston Jr., the love of her life.

Gladys was regarded by those who knew her as a down-to-earth person who loved life and had high aspirations for the future. She was also incredibly charitable and enjoyed lending a hand to anyone in need.

Gladys was adored by her family and loved by her community. Therefore, it is still difficult to believe how horrifyingly she died.

After being introduced in court, Augustin Garcia entered a not-guilty plea and stated that Gladys’ wedding ceremony had sent him insane.

Gladys Ricart Fiance
Gladys Ricart was on the cusp of her dream wedding and about to drive to the church to marry James Preston Jr. (Source: The Cinemaholic )

The jury, however, couldn’t come to a consensus and found Garcia guilty of first-degree ******.

He was consequently given a life sentence in jail with a minimum of 30 years before being eligible for release in 2002.

Garcia has attempted to get his conviction overturned since being found guilty but in vain.

As a result, he is still detained at the East Jersey State Prison in Woodbridge, New Jersey, and his parole eligibility date is 2029.

Who was Gladys Ricart’s murderer?

Gladys was shot three times before she fell to the ground, and those who saw the ****** immediately called the Police.

First responders arrived at the Ricart home immediately, but the victim had already left. She was found dead in a pool of blood on the living room floor, and an examination revealed that she had been shot.

It’s interesting that the attacker, Augustin Garcia, was detained immediately.

According to the show, Garcia was Gladys’ ex-boyfriend, but the two split up months before the ****** when the bride-to-be discovered that her ex was having an extramarital affair.

Gladys Ricart Fiance
Bride Fatally Shot by Ex-Boyfriend. (Source: The Cinemaholic)

Garcia, however, did not take the break well and was furious that his ex was getting hitched so quickly. Garcia, consumed with resentment, grabbed a gun and made the terrible decision to sabotage Gladys’ special day. 

However, with numerous eyewitnesses identifying Garcia as being at the scene of the crime and the ****** weapon in their possession, law enforcement was able to detain Augustin Garcia and charge him with ******.

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