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The distinctive Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki’s daughter Hiroko Inoki is searched by his fans. Perhaps, the star kid could be incredibly gifted. Could you stick with us to find out?

Hiroko was born into a wrestling family, as her Father was a famous and respected Japanese wrestler. So, she might have enjoyed a luxurious life as a child. 

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Her Father, Antonio, was a former professional wrestler and a legend with several championship titles. He was a martial art promoter. 

Hiroko’s Father was also a politician. Similarly, her mother, Mitsuko Baisho, married Antonio in 1971. 

Unfortunately, her Father, Antonio, 79, passed away on 1 October 2022. 

Now let’s know more about the late wrestler’s daughter Hiroko Inoki. 

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Who Is Hiroko Inoki? Meet Hiroko Inoki’s Parents

Hiroko Inoki is the daughter of Antonio Inoki and Mitsuko Baisho. As mentioned earlier, her Father, Antonio, is a famous wrestler. 

Mitsuko Baisho And Antonio Inok
Hiroko Inoki’s parents, Mitsuko Baisho And Antonio Inoki. (Source: She The People)

Frankly speaking, there is not much to share about Hiroko as she enjoys a private lifestyle away from the media limelight.

Antonio’s daughter has always lived her life in the shadows. She has never revealed her personal life and details in public.

The wrestler’s fans are fascinated by her life behind the curtains. Perhaps, Hiroko may reveal her details in the coming days.

There are no other facts apart from the info that she is the daughter of Mitsuko Baisho and Antonio Inoki. 

Hiroko’s Father, Antonio Inoki, is a famous Japanese wrestler, born on 20 February 1943. Also, he is a known politician.

Mr. Inoki tied the knot with Mitsuko Baisho in 1971. The former couple separated after sixteen years of marriage.

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Hiroko Inoki’s Family & Siblings

As mentioned earlier, unknown Hiroko Inoki was born in a Japanese family. Her siblings’ details have not been revealed. 

Mitsuko Baisho And Antonio Inok marriage
Hiroko Inoki’s parents, Mitsuko Baisho and Antonio Inoki married in 1971. (Source: ABTC)

Her Father died recently in 2022. She is used to distancing herself from the public. 

Hiroko’s Father, Antonio Inoki, is a famous Japanese wrestler, born on 20 February 1943. He is also known as Muhammad Hussain Inoki.

He tied the knot with Mitsuko Baisho in 1971, and their marriage resulted in a daughter Hiroko Inoki.

Net Worth Of Hiroko Inoki

Unknown personality Hiroko Inoki’s net worth is not revealed at this moment. There is not much to discuss regarding her profession and salary details. 

She rose to fame for being the daughter of the famous Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki. Her Father passed away at the age of 79.

Perhaps, she and her family were present at his memorial. 

According to a few sources, Antonio Inoki’s net worth was $1 million at his *****. 

Perhaps, the daughter could have received a net worth boost after his passing, but the details are not out yet.

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