Jada Alberts

Jada Alberts Husband, Kate Box, a Lesbian, is an Australian actress best known for portraying Nicole Vargas in the 40-episode television series Rake from 2010 to 2014.

Jada is an Australian playwright and actor who works in theater, television, and film.

In addition to his role in Mystery Road (2018) and Cleverman (2016), she also wrote two episodes of the series, as well as appearing in the award-winning Australian prison drama Wentworth (2013).

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In addition to writing for series and stage, Alberts directed the play Brothers Wreck for the Malthouse Theatre in 2018.

Who Is Jada Alberts Husband Kate Box?

Kate Box is one of the more talented actresses in the Australian cinema business. She has approximately two decades of experience in the field. Her most well-known appearance is as Nicole Vargas in the television series “Rake.”

Lesbian TV personality Kate is quite possessive when disclosing anything about her personal life to the public.

Jada Alberts Husband
Jada Alberts with her partner Kate Box
(Source: SALIFE)

In addition to her career, she is well-known for being Alberts’ wife. In addition to having three kids together, the couple is a famous lesbian couple.

There must be some years of difference in age between Jada and Kate.

According to their physical attributes, Alberts appears to be in their early to mid-40s. The exact age and date of birth are still unknown.

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Her Instagram photo suggests that she and her longtime gay partner, Jada, are happily dating. Even after more than ten years of dating, they still have a solid relationship.

Additionally, she is rather active on Instagram, frequently posting photos of herself hanging out with family and friends.

Jada Alberts Family: Her Partner Kate And Three Kids

Kate and her partner, actor Jada, met through their shared profession and began dating before falling in love and tying the knot in 2009.

They have spent eleven years together. Kate claims it was love at first sight when they first met at a playwrights conference. The Sydney-based couple currently has three daughters: Francis, 1; Robin, 4; and Ivy, 3.

Jada Alberts and Kate Box three daughters
Jada Alberts and Kate Box three daughters
(Source: SALIFE)

She prefers to keep the specifics of her private affairs out of the public eye or away from the media; therefore, very little information is known.

Franchesca Cubillo, Albert’s mother, is her greatest motivation in life. She supported Albert throughout his struggles. Specific information about their parents is currently hidden.

Albert posted a thank-you message to their mum on their Instagram. “I love this photo of you, Mum,” she wrote. I appreciate you always being there for me, knowing what to say, and setting a good example. I love you.

Jada Alberts Net Worth

In terms of her net worth, Jada Albert is estimated to be $1.5 Million. The talented actor earned a significant sum of money from her performing assignments.

She performed well in her movies, and her net worth stayed consistent even though she was out of the industry for a while. In the TV show Mystery Road from 2020, Albert made a comeback.

Estimated at between $1 and $2 million, she has a net worth of about $.5 million.

Actress Jada has undoubtedly made a sizable sum of money from her extensive work in the entertainment sector.

Therefore, we may deduce that Jada’s earnings are above average due to her diligence and commitment to her profession.

She makes a respectable living in her sector and has a solid career. She has had great success as an actor. Jada has a successful acting career that significantly raises her income.

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