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People are interested in John Griffin wife because John, a former CNN producer, admitted to sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl and entered a plea deal.

In exchange for the dismissal of the two more counts of enticement of a juvenile that he had been charged with earlier this year, John Griffin entered a guilty plea in federal court to utilize interstate commerce to attract a minor.

According to authorities, Griffin, of Stamford, Connecticut, met a woman online and convinced her to bring her 9-year-old daughter to his $2.5 million Vermont cabin, where he had intercourse with the girl.

In July 2020, Griffin paid the mother $3,000 to fly from Nevada to Boston, where he picked them up in a Tesla and drove them to his Ludlow, Vermont home, where he instructed the young girl to engage in unlawful sexual activity. 

Charges of child maltreatment and sexual assault were brought against the mother, Heather Carriker, who was also detained.

The former producer allegedly boasted about luring children as young as 7 to his pad and encouraged the parents of other minors to bring their daughters to his House for “sexual subservience” training.

He revealed to the parents that he believed all women should be sexually inferior to and subordinate to men because “a woman is a woman regardless of her age,” the prosecution claims.

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Who Is John Griffin Wife, Allyson Griffin?

The wife of the former CNN producer appears to be pretty private regarding her details, as she hasn’t revealed much about herself to the public yet.

Allyson Griffin, the “John Griffin Wife,” has already filed for divorce due to her husband’s despicable actions, so we know she won’t be the “John Griffin Wife” for much longer.

John Griffin’s ex-wife pleads with the court to preserve his assets so that she can claim them in the event of a divorce.

Allyson Griffin requested to “defend her interests” in a case brought by one of John Griffin’s claimed victims against him in Bridgeport Superior Court.

John Griffin Wife
John Griffin Wife, Allyson Griffin. (Source: Fox News)

Recently, Allyson Griffin petitioned the Stamford Superior Court for a divorce from her husband. She is fearful that the plaintiff in the litigation may want the same assets from her husband as she is seeking in her divorce action, according to her motion.

April 7 has been set aside for a hearing on her application.

According to Gary Cohen, Allyson Griffin’s attorney, the Griffin family concerns should be kept as private as possible. He declined to say anything more.

Where Is CNN Producer Now Jail Or Prison?

Griffin, a Father of three, initially entered a not-guilty plea to three counts of enticing a juvenile after being detained on December 10, 2021.

After his arrest, CNN, where he had worked for around eight years, fired him, the network said at the time.

He will be sentenced on March 20 and faces a minimum of ten years in prison and a maximum of life.

He must also make full restitution to the victims, the amount of which will be determined by the court.

John Griffin & Heather Carriker
John Griffin & Heather Carriker mugshot. (Source: Daily Mail)

Griffin also faces a fine of up to $250,000 and has consented to surrender his Tesla and donate half of the proceeds from selling his Vermont ski home and a Mercedes to the court registry.

He has also agreed to forfeit his Tesla. He’ll probably be told to register as a sex offender and go to therapy.

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