Jordan Mendoza

People are searching for Actor Jordan Mendoza as he is set to play RJ Acosta, Jr. in Ridley Scott’s Free’s forthcoming Netflix series Kaleidoscope.

Jordan Mendoza is a comedian and TV writer of Asian descent. He is most recognized for his work as a co-host on the live comedy program Drunk Science.

Mendoza has been writing for quite some time. He invented and presented Comedy Central’s Cry Battle, a game show in which the person with the most tears wins.

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He has quickly captured many people’s hearts and developed a significant fan base. With his hard work and determination, he will certainly become much more prominent in the future.

Who Is Jordan Mendoza From Kaleidoscope? Age, Girlfriend Explored

Mendoza was born in Boston, Massachusetts, although his actual birth date has not been disclosed. Based on his looks, he appears to be in his late twenties.

Mendoza is set to play RJ Acosta, Jr. in Ridley Scott’s Scott Free’s forthcoming Netflix series Kaleidoscope, a criminal heist Drama.

Jordan Mendoza’s age is unknown since no information regarding his birthdate or age is accessible. Some reports say he’s in his mid-20s, but this has yet to be proven.

Jordan Mendoza
Mendoza’s girlfriend Ballard (source: thedailybiography)

Mendoza is dating Ballard, as she appears in most of his videos. On July 28, 2020, the author shared a video on his Instagram profile titled “awesome girlfriend prank.”

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The duo spent their confinement together, according to the Mendoza post. On March 18, 2020, Mendoza posted a video of himself and Ballard playing with cutlery.

“Games we devised during the quarantine,” he wrote with the video. Similarly, he posted a video showing them mastering the new talent while in quarantine.

Despite Mendoza’s Instagram posts indicating that he is dating Ballard, the couple has not made their relationship public.

What Is Jordan Mendoza From Kaleidoscope Net Worth 2023?

His income, benefits, fortune, and financial situation are all public knowledge. Based on his current economic condition, we estimated his net worth to be between $1 and USD 1.5 million. He is doing rather well financially.

Jordan Mendoza
Jordan Mendoza in Kaleidoscope (source: netflixlife)


As a professional Actor who has just recently begun acting, he will shortly reach two million dollars if successful.

Jordan’s early career revolved around a television show. He is well-known as an Actor in the United States. He does several jobs in addition to acting, which is his main source of income.

He is well-known for his ability as a commercial model, television personality, Actor, and online celebrity.

Mendoza could have made money from other means as well. Jordan Mendoza has probably taken advantage of the opportunity to profit from endorsement deals, product sales, and tours.

He has been working in the film industry for over eight years and has already achieved success. ZIWE (2021), Kaleidoscope (2023), and Human Resources are among his most well-known works (2022).

Who Is Jordan Mendoza In New Netflix Series’ Kaleidoscope’?

In the upcoming Netflix series Kaleidoscope, a crime heist thriller from Ridley Scott’s Scott Free, Mendoza is set to portray the part of RJ Acosta, Jr.

The tale is partially inspired by a true event when $70 billion in bonds vanished in midtown Manhattan after Hurricane Sandy. Russell Fine, Fred Berger, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, and Justin Lecy of Automatik Entertainment will serve as Executive producers.

A television series served as the foundation of his early career. He is well-known as an Actor in America. In addition to acting, his main line of work, he has several jobs.

In the 2015 “Dumb Video” TV Series, he received his first on-screen credit. He gained notoriety in 2020 thanks to the television program “Your Worst Fears Confirmed” (TV Series).

The Actor was a New Face of Comedy (Creators) at JFL in 2022 and was profiled as a “Best Up-and-Coming Comedian” in Time Out and New York magazine.




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