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Reggae musician Joseph “Jo Mersa” Marley was from Jamaica. He was the grandson of Bob Marley and the son of Stephen Marley, a reggae musician.

Before coming to Florida to attend Palmetto High School and Miami Dade College, Marley spent his formative years in Jamaica, where he attended Saints Peter and Paul Preparatory School.

At 31, Marley passed away following an asthma ****** on December 27, 2022.

In 2014, Marley made his public debut by releasing the EP “Comfortable” on iTunes and Spotify. Additionally, he contributed to Morgan Heritage’s Grammy-winning CD Strictly Roots.

Joseph “Jo Mersa” Marley, the grandson of reggae artist Bob Marley & the son of musician Stephen Marley, has reportedly passed away. 

Journalist Abka Fitz-Henley tweeted the first statement on the incident on Tuesday, claiming that the Jamaican American artist had been discovered unconscious in a car. 

Jo Mersa died of an asthma ******, South Florida radio station WZPP reported on Instagram after receiving confirmation of his departure.

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Who Is Joseph Marley Wife Qiara? His Kids Sunshine 

Joseph Marley wife Qiara is in shock as her husband passed away untimely, and people are trying to sympathize with her and want to serve her respect. 

A devoted husband and Father, Jo frequently shared photos of his family on Instagram. His wife, Qiara, and their daughter, Sunshine, occasionally appeared in posts on his Instagram. 

Sunshine needs a brother, I told my wife. Look at the looks on their faces,” he wrote on December 17, 2019. And on April 20, 2019, he posted a sweet image of his Father cradling his newborn daughter.

Jo’s message said, “Blessed earth strong to my Father @stephenmarley #TheTeacher #TheGeneral.”

Joseph Marley
Joseph Marley was the grandson of Bob Marley. (Source: TMZ)

Bob Marley, the singer of “Is This Love,” passed away in 1981 and was the proud Father of 11 children. The late reggae music has many grandchildren because his children had their children. 

Joseph Mersa Marley was one of those grandchildren, and according to Rolling Stone, he passed away on December 27, 2022, at the age of 31. Here are five interesting facts about the late musician and Bob Marley’s grandson. 

Joseph Marley Net Worth Details

Jo was not only the son of the accomplished singer Stephen Marley but also the grandson of a legendary musician. In 1991, the 50-year-old welcomed Kerry-Ann and Jo. 

In addition, Stephen has more than a dozen children from many partners, including boys Jeremiah Marley, Bengimen Marley, and Yohan Marley, as well as daughters Zipporah Marley, Shacia Marley, and Summer Marley.

Joseph Marley
Joseph Marley’s ***** was very untimely. (Source: People)

Also related to several pretty well-known artists is Jo’s dad! Ziggy Marley, Rohan Marley, and Damian Marley are just a handful of hitmakers with a sibling named Stephen. Currently, Stephen is wed to Kertia DeCosta Marley.

He even continued to pursue a musical career like his granddad. Burn It Down, Hurting Inside, and That Dream are a few of Jo’s tracks. In 2021, he issued the album Eternal, which was his most recent record of being released. 

Just over two months before he passed away, on October 11, 2022, Jo co-wrote the song “Blessings” with a few of his musical relatives. He posted a video on Instagram announcing the tune. 

The caption read, “#Blessings @maffio ft uncle @maestromarley [Ky-Mani Marley] and uncle @julianrmarley [Julian Marley] and me @jomersamarley.”

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