Kashaun Robin Williams

Who is Kashaun Robin Williams? He has been arrested for getting involved in the death of a man. Here’s everything we know about his trial and verdict.

On Lener Road, a man was found dead from gunshot wounds, and Warren police were called to investigate. Likewise, a second victim of that incident was on the scene and was rushed to the hospital.

Following the shooting death, a man has been arrested.

According to reports, police arrested 29-year-old Robin Kashaun Williams in connection with the shooting deaths of James Chapman, 34, and a woman who was discovered by officers and sent to St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital.

According to a Warren police news release, officers were called to 690 Lener Ave. SW at 4:11 a.m. on Sunday to look into a report of gunfire heard nearby.

When the police arrived, they discovered a woman who was hurt and a man who had been identified as Chapman.

Likewise, Kashaun Robin Williams, the suspect, has been detained on suspicion of concealing a firearm, possessing a weapon under disability, assaulting a peace officer, resisting arrest, and disrupting government operations.

Now, stick with us till the end of this article, as we will cover more regarding the shooting case and find out the trial and verdict related to Kashaun Robin Williams.

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Who Is Kashaun Robin Williams?

In relation to a shooting that happened early on 2nd April 2023 that left one person dead and another injured, a Warren man was charged on 3rd April 2023.

The suspect was identified as Robin Kashaun Williams, 29, residing in the 200 block of Laird Avenue NE. He has been facing several charges, including a murder charge.

After the shooting news flashed out, people began searching for the case and wanted to learn who Kashaun Robin Williams was. However, very less is known regarding the suspect and his personal life.

Williams has a history of violent offenses because he was found guilty of felony assault twice in Trumbull County—once in 2017 and once in 2019. As a young person, he was also charged with aggravated robbery.

Kashaun Robin Williams
Judge Ronald J. Rice of Trumbull County Common Pleas, stated Kashaun Robin Williams has a week to choose his own legal representation. (Source: TribToday)

Additionally, Williams is currently facing several charges, such as assaulting an officer, using a weapon under disability, and attempting murder.

James Chapman, 34, was found dead on Lener Road with gunshot wounds, and city police were called to the scene early on Sunday to look into the death.

Martina Moore, 23, was the second victim and was transported from the shooting scene to St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital with critical wounds.

Kashaun Robin Williams Trial And Verdict Update

According to jail records, Kashaun Robin Williams has a parole violation.

As per the records of the Common Pleas Court, Kashaun was found guilty of six counts, including felony assault, kidnapping, and two counts, each of endangering children and domestic violence.

Kashaun Robin Williams received a sentence of three to four and a half years in jail in January 2020.

At the hearing on Monday, which was attended by the victims’ family members and friends, Gysegem deemed Kashaun Robin Williams to be a “threat to public safety” because of his arrest record and the nature of the present charges, revoking his bond.

Kashaun Robin Williams
The shooting case is being investigated by the Warren Police. (Source: Tribune Chronicle)

Furthermore, as per reports, Williams was taken into custody for questioning in connection with both shootings and transported to the Trumbull County Jail.

The press announcement stated that police are still looking into the shootings. Additionally, the judge announced that Williams’ preliminary hearing would take place in the following 10 days.

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