Kitchie Nadal Husband

Carlos Lopez, a Spanish Journalist, is Kitchie Nadal husband. The adorable pair tied the knot on 26 February 2015 and have a five-year-old son, Keon.

Katrina Dumilon Nadal-López is professionally known as Kitchie Nadal. She is a singer and songwriter from the Phillippines.

In addition to her singing career, the Filipino celebrity has some acting credits.

The Manila native was formerly the lead vocalist for the rock band Mojofly.

After she released a self-titled solo album with her number-one song, “Huwag na Huwag Mong Sasabihin,” her recognition in the female OPM market increased.

Regarding her personal life, the singer is happily married and leads a beautiful family of three. But who is Kitchie Nadal husband, Carlos Lopez? How did the pair meet? 

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Who Is Kitchie Nadal Husband, Carlos Lopez? More On Their Kids

Kitchie Nadal shares a blissful marital life with Carlos Lopez. The adorable pair tied the knot on 26 February 2015.

As reported by The Filipino Times, Kitchie Nadal’s husband is a Spanis Journalist. The family resides in Spain.

Apart from that, there are no other details about the married duo, including how and when their story started.

Nadal’s spouse is present on Instagram, but his photos are private. The Spanish Journalist must avoid media scrutiny. Carlos Lopez’s IG bio reads, “Travel&work. Travel4work. Travel. Spain-South East Asia connection. Currently East Africa.”

The married duo welcomed their first child, Keon, on 13 August 2017. The singer shared her son’s photo and hoped Keon to live up to his name. Keon is a name of Hawaiian origin that means “God is Gracious.”

Kitchie Nadal Husband
Kitchie Nadal with her husband and son. (Image Source: Instagram)

The singer and her husband must have been all over the moon to welcome their baby. Keon is now five-yeas old and often gets featured on his mother’s Instagram feed.

Moreover, the “Huwag na Huwag Mong Sasabihin” hitmaker often shares pictures with her spouse, children, and family.

Although her husband seems to travel a lot due to his job, the lovebirds must share a solid bond.

The pair met and fell in love despite being involved in different fields. Might they have met one another through their friend circle? Let’s hope the couple will come at ease and shares their love story and marital life.

Kitchie Nadal Family: Meet Her Parents

Kitchie Nadal was born in Manila, Philippines, on 16 September 1980. The Muses Actress is the fourth of five children of her mother, Marjorie Nadal, and her Father, whose name and identity are confidential. 

Growing up with her parents and siblings, the songwriter must have had a wonderful time as a little girl. In addition, her parents and siblings must have supported her career wholeheartedly.

She went to St. Scholastica’s College in Manila and earned her bachelor’s degree. She completed her second bachelor’s degree from De La Salle University.

Kitchie Nadal husband
Kitchie Nadal grew up with a bunch of siblings. (Image Source: IMDb)

After beginning her 1998, she worked on several projects. As of 2022, the musician has released a total of four albums. Not only that, but 11 collaboration albums include Nadal.

Kitchie Nadal Net Worth And Earning Sources

The Filipino singer ventured into the music industry over two decades ago, in 1998. During her time, she seems to have garnered a considerable fortune.

Although Kitchie Nadal’s net worth has not been made public, we assume her bank account is fat enough to afford a comfortable life.

SalaryExpert reported that the average base salary of a musician in Spain is estimated to be €44.560. Nadal must also make around that range.

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