Kranky Kranky

Who Is Kranky Kranky? People are eager to find out about Kranky Kranky’s Wikipedia and age.

Kranky Kranky is a rapper and verified Spotify artist trying to establish himself in the music industry.

Just a day ago, Kranky was featured in a couple of new songs that dropped on YouTube, Spotify, and other music streaming apps. The music instantly connected with the audience and accumulated thousands of viewers count.

The songwriter is recently hyped up after being featured in a couple of tracks from the album “AftrLyfe” with Yeat.

Yeat’s “Man feen” feat. Kranky Kranky is a brilliant track that displays the artist’s creative brilliance and raises the standard for what’s to come from this budding music sensation.

Let’s learn more about Kranky’s music career and net worth from this article.

Who Is Kranky Kranky? Rapper Wikipedia

The answer to the question Who is Kranky Kranky? He is a famous rapper and award-winning music celebrity.

Unfortunately, the rapper’s profile is unavailable on Wikipedia. However, Wikipedia has listed the information of Kranky as a record label.

From the available information from Wikipedia, the American indie record company Kranky is based in Chicago, Illinois. Joel Leoschke and Bruce Adams founded it in 1993.

It is home to many experimental musicians who frequently veer into or are influenced by ambient, rock, electronic, or psychedelic music. The 1993 debut album Prazision by Labradford served as their first release.

It is still being determined when Wikipedia will recognize Kranky Kranky and feature his career stats and achievements in the musical field.

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Kranky Kranky Age. How Old Is He?

Spotify users and hip-hop fans are curious to know Kranky Kranky’s age.

The rapper seems conservative about his life details, as he has not disclosed his age or birth date to his followers.

Also, there are no photographs of the artist in the media that can be used to assume the age of Kranky.

In the rapper’s Spotify bio, he had written some jargon “Piss yonky mean when im sippin drank an ion wanna piss out tha drank high, so it is getting me yonky.”

Who is Kranky Kranky
Who is Kranky Kranky: Twitter profile of Kranky Kranky (Source: Twitter)

Sadly, only a little information about his height, weight, and physique is available on social media.

Kranky is a talented artist who put forward his signature style and lyrical sill with an impressive verse in every song he has performed.

The rapper has been featured in two songs in the Album “Afterlyfe” called “Rav3 p4rty” and “Mean feen,” published by Yeat Music.

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Kranky Kranky Net Worth 2023

Kranky Kranky has yet to disclose his approximate net worth, so his fortune records are not publicly available.

According to Become Singers, Rappers on Spotify receive 60 cents for every 1000 streams, or $600, for a million streams. Their earnings vary depending on the label, but they make between $100,000 and $3,000,000 annually.

Moreover, some rappers base all their financial decisions on how many streams they receive from music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc. Others broaden their horizons by promoting goods, giving live performances, or making sales of CDs and other goods.

However, the artist has not publicly announced how much he earned from Spotify and the label.

Kranky is available on Instagram with his username @dyingoutlay. His account has accumulated over 14.3k followers but has 0 uploaded posts.

On the other hand, the songwriter is also available on Twitter @yeat1_. He has gathered over 250.4k followers and shared some photographs with his admirers.

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