Lionel Scaloni

After the player Lionel Scaloni had come into the limelight, people were curious to know more about Lionel Scaloni wife.

Lionel Scaloni is an Argentine professional football manager who is currently the coach of the Argentina national team.

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He started his coaching career on October 2016 by joining Jorge Sampaoli’s coaching staff at Sevilla FC.

He spent some time playing football in his native nation before beginning his coaching career. With various teams, he contributed.

He was one of wide range, operated as a right-back or right-midfielder, and played college football for some time. 

Who Is Lionel Scaloni Wife Elisa Montero?

People have always been curious to know more about Scaloni’s personal life, but he has only shared little information. 

Elisa Montero is the wife of the famous former coach from Argentina; she has always been with him together in public. 

Lionel mentioned that she was the one to always force on his career; she is his most extensive support system till now.

Lionel Scaloni with his wife, Elisa
Lionel Scaloni with his wife, Elisa (Image Source: LifeBogger)

The couple met each other in 2008, which means they have known each other for fifteen years, and they seem to be the perfect couple. 

Also, the couple has yet to share much information about themselves. Elisa seems to keep her profile low; she has not been open to sharing her information publicly. 

And her husband, Lionel, has always respected her privacy and has not shared much information about her.

Lionel Scaloni Married life And Kids

Looking at the pictures and what he shared with the public make her believe he is happy with his married life. 

Scaloni is married to his high school sweetheart, Elisa; they were in a long-term relationship before getting married. 

And the couple has always kept their relationship private; also, while getting married, they shared vows only, including their loved ones.

They have a perfect relationship with each other; he has often mentioned in an interview that his wife is his biggest supporter. 

Talking about Scaloni, he has two children with his partner Elisa. Their first child’s name is Ian, and the second is Noha Scaloni. 

Lionel Scaloni shared a picture with his kids.
Lionel Scaloni shared a picture with his kids. (Image Source: LifeBogger)

Scaloni has always tried keeping his children’s life private just to ensure they don’t get in trouble while going in public. 

Most celebrities try to keep their children’s life away from the public; they want to protect them. 

But Scaloni sometimes shares pictures with his family, and it seems they are a happy family. 

Family Ethnicity of Lionel Scaloni 

Lionel Scaloni is of European descent. His great-grandparents are descendants of immigrants who moved to Argentina.

So, he can also share he belongs to the “pueblos Indígenas” ethnicity. His race is White, and he has been living in Argentina since birth.

So, he holds Argentine nationality, and everyone in his family now has Argentine nationality. 

The information about his religion is unknown till now; Scaloni has not talked about his beliefs in public till now. 

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Net Worth of Lionel Scaloni 2024

According to the Sources, the former coach’s net worth in the present day is worth $1,000,000, and his base salary in a month is 700,000 EUR which is an enormous amount. 

His work as a manager and coach in the professional football industry is his main source of income. He may also have additional income through his business, partnerships, and investments.

Additionally, his net worth and base salary of Scaloni increase yearly with his work. 

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