Lyndon Dykes Wife

Lyndon Dykes wife, Victoria Thomson, often cheers and motivate her sweetheart, which has been publically acknowledged and admired, resulting in his fan base knowing him personally too.

He is a famous footballer positioned as a striker for the Queens Park Rangers of the EFL Championship club. Many football viewers are well-known for his records and playing style, making him grow in the field and fame gradually.

This talented fame has been seen on the playing field since his initial days, leading him to progress with dedication and experience. He was associated with Mudgeeraba, Merrimac, Redlands United and many more in line.

While his fan base arise globally, his health issue has created sadness among them. With this, many are curious about the update and whereabouts of his situation.

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Who Is Lyndon Dykes Wife, Victoria Thomson?

Lyndon Dykes is married to his wife Victoria Thomson, whose fame is well acknowledged as a celebrity wife who often supports Dykes in the playing field. They seem to have a mutual and supportive bond.

BIRTHDAY DATE: Football Star Lyndon Dykes seemed romantic with beautiful wife Victoria in London (Source- The Sun)
BIRTHDAY DATE: Football Star Lyndon Dykes seemed romantic with his beautiful wife Victoria in London (Source- The Sun)

When going through the football star’s social media feed, he has posted numerous times appreciating and mentioning her worth in his life. On multiple occasions, one can see their celebration and mutual bond through their post.

On the other hand, Victoria Thomson has maintained a private profile on her social media feeds, so her personal update is publically often received through Lyndon. 

From their association, the duo are now the parents of a son born in Scotland. His fan base often praises their sweet family moments as they support each other at their highs and lows.

Scotland Striker Lyndon Dykes Is Still Hospitalized

Scotland striker Lyndon Dykes is at the hospital following his health issue, and many people are sad about the news and wonder about his condition. With this, fans pray for his well-being.

Before that, too, he was taken to the hospital, as he fell ill, at half time of that game. On Thursday, he returned to training and was scheduled to travel to Hull to participate in another game.

The news has again surfaced in media outlets after Dykes was admitted to the hospital when he felt ill on Friday. With this, his health seems not so good as he has been promptly facing such cases.

The social media sites have overflowed with posts and comments about his return and whereabouts, and many wish for his speedy recovery.

Lyndon Dykes: QPR and Scotland striker admitted to hospital
Lyndon Dykes: QPR and Scotland striker admitted to hospital (Source- STV News)

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What Happened To Lyndon Dykes? Health Update 

Lyndon Dykes is unwell, and many people know about his prompt health issue, pushing him for medical attention. With this, there are general concerns about the cause of his health degradation.

Even though there are fewer updates from his family members about his health news, his colleagues have made several comments on his condition, which has given a hint about the situation.

Livingston boss David Martindale hoped Dykes would make a quick recovery; reasoning pneumonia has put the ex-Livi player in hospital. With proper medical attention, he may be able to get back on the playing field soon.

Also, QPR manager Neil Critchley hinted at his health condition by mentioning that he struggled but still wanted to continue playing. Further updates may come forward with information from the official authorities.

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