Major John with the late queen elizabeth

Major Johnny Thompson is a Scottish Army Officer who is equerry to the new King Charles III. He suddenly rose to fame after a video of him walking behind the queen’s casket in the royal procession went viral.

His video has captured the attention of TikTok users massively. Major John’s attractive looks and charm are hard to resist, and he is nicknamed “Major Eye Candy” on social media.

 In the viral video, he is seen wearing a thick tartan kilt and a large sporran of fur. Previously Rob Dixon Prince William’s equerry was in the headlines due to his popularity on social media.

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Major Johnny Thompson Equerry Age And Wikipedia Explored:

Major Johnny Thompson is an active member of the 5th Royal Regiment of Scotland battalion. He was born in 1983.

The 39 years old, Major was the permanent bodyguard for most members of the royal family and had also served Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch. She passed away recently on September 8.

johnny thompson
Major johnny thompson

As an equerry, He assists King Charles III with his official duty. Working members of the Royal Family appoint equerries from senior officers of the British Army.

As the royal court goes into mourning, the equerries will ensure the diaries are readjusted and executes the plans accordingly. Major John joined the Scottish Army in 2006 and is a platoon commander.

He has enjoyed playing rugby and mountaineering since his college time. The Military man attended Aberystwyth University, earning a degree in Economics and politics with a major in International Studies in 2004.

 Major Johnny Thompson Wife: Is He Married?

Major John is the crush of many of his admirers, who dream of marrying him but to their misfortune, sadly, He is happily married to his wife with one child. The charming officer has been committed to his better half Caroline for over a decade. The couple took their vows in 2010. 

Caroline 1
Caroline Thomson
Source:(National World)

However, Caroline is not a royal servant but rather a marketing executive. The couple shares a 4-year-old son. His wife studied at Windsor Girls School before joining Southhampton institute for her Honors degree in Design Communications. She has worked for giant corporations like Packard Bell and BMW. 

The couple is also fond of dogs and has two black labradors named Odin and Piper; They are souvenirs from his time in the Scottish Military. His wife Caroline is also interested in horses and has applied for membership as a horse trainer. However, other details about his family members are yet to be discovered. 

How Much Has The Major Made By Working For The Royal Family?

The world’s royal family sparks the images of wealth in our minds. As Major Jonathan Thompson is one of the most high-ranked officers working with the royal family, it is common for people to have high assumptions regarding his salary.

According to the times, Major Johnny Thompson has a daily wage ranging from 20,000 to 50000 pounds. His huge networth is still under observation. The military man is one of the most well-trained officers in the UK who has mastery in using every military weapon.

Major Johnny Thompson with the new Prime Minister
Major John’s picture with the new PM Liz Truss

The major has been spotted at many public events with the royal family; he accompanied the late queen during a visit to Balmoral Castle in 2018 and was also present when the new King Charles met Britain’s new prime minister.

Major Johnathan gained a lot of attention on the occasion of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Thanksgiving service, where he sat directly behind the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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