Maradona daughter husband

People are curious to know about Maradona Daughter husband. Although little is known about Giannina’s early years, it is known that she and her Father had a strained relationship.

A professional football player and manager from Argentina, Diego Armando Maradona.

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He was one of the two joint winners of the FIFA Player of the 20th Century award and is widely recognized as one of the finest players in the history of the game.

The combination of Maradona’s vision, passing, ball control, and dribbling talents, along with his diminutive size and low center of gravity, made him more maneuverable than most other players.

His presence and leadership on the field had a significant impact on how well his team played overall, despite the fact that the opponent frequently picked him out. Be with us and know about Maradona daughter husband.

Who Is Maradona Daughter Husband? Giannina Maradona Relationship

Talking about Maradona daughter husband, she is the former spouse of football forward Sergio Agüero.

She is a businesswoman, social media influencer, and fashion designer. Giannina was born into fame and made numerous TV appearances as a young child.

Despite the fact that Giannina prefers to avoid the media, she has a large following on Twitter and Instagram. Benjamin Giannina, who is already a well-known figure, has begun a professional career in sports.

Maradona Daughter Husband
Giannina Maradona with ex-husband Sergio Agüero. (Source: Daily Mail )

As the ex-wife of football player Sergio Agüero, Giannina is also renowned. A striker for both Manchester City of the Premier League and the Argentinean national team, Sergio Agüero is an Argentinian professional football player.

After their relationship, they were both married in 2008. A few of their closest friends and family members attended the marriage in a private ceremony.

Giannina Maradona Dating History

You probably already know that Giannina’s ex-husband is current Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero.

The couple actually first met at a Party in 2008, while Sergio Aguero was still a player for Atletico Madrid.

Benjamin Aguero Maradona was born on February 19, 2009, in Madrid, exactly a year after his parents first met. They were soon married and gave birth to Benjamin Aguero Maradona.

When Diego Maradona’s grandson was born, he was present with his daughter Giannina. Aguero was 20 years old and still playing for Atletico Madrid, a La Liga team, at the time.

Maradona Daughter Husband
Giannina Maradona with her son. (Source: Soccersouls)

Sadly, Giannina and Sergio’s marriage did not continue for very long, and in 2012, they ultimately got divorced.

There is no information as to why they suddenly split up, but whatever the reason, Giannina moved back to Argentina with her child and took custody of Aguero, who was forced to remain in England to play for his newly-joined team, Manchester City.

In truth, Aguero began dating Karina Tejeda of Argentina shortly after his divorce from Giannina. Tejeda had already divorced her first husband.

Then he dated Taylor Ward, a footballer’s daughter, with whom he also quickly broke up before dating Instagram star Zoe Cristofoli, who is renowned for the tattoos that cover a significant portion of her body.

Aguero has been seeing Sofia Calzetti, another Instagram celebrity, since 2019. They are still together as far as we are aware.

Giannina Maradona Child

Benjamin Aguero Maradona, the sole child of Giannina Maradona, was born in Spain as we already mentioned. Maradona was present when his grandchild was born, as you may recall from what was previously stated in this piece.

Benjamin is currently 11 years old and is reportedly a fan of the Argentine team Boca Juniors.

He was once escorted to the Boca Juniors stadium, Estadio Alberto J. Armando, where the best Argentine football player, Carols Tevez, signed his jersey when he was just 7 years old.

Maradona Daughter Husband
Giannina Maradona family. (Source: Republic World )

Perhaps this explains why he supports Boca Juniors. Maybe, but it’s not a given.

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