Mark Wogan

Mark Wogan wife is a beautiful woman named Susan Wogan. The couple has tied martial knots and is living their lives happily together.

Mark Wogan is the co-founder of the Homeslice pizza restaurant chain, and recently, he has gained attention from foodies after he revealed his abs and fit physique on his social media channel.

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Home Slice has developed from a shabby neighborhood mom-and-pop pizzeria to a well-known Austin landmark.

With the addition of the Homie Food Truck in 2016 and the subsequent opening of a Homeslice NY-Style pizzeria, the brand expanded from there.

Every Homeslice pizza is handcrafted from scratch using hand-tossed dough, the best cheese, and gas ovens. For Buffalo staples like Beef on Weck and cup char pepperoni, visit Homeslice Guilford.

People are recently become interested in learning Mark Wogan wife and family details after he trended on social media flaunting his body and hard-worked abs.

Mark Wogan Wife Susan Wogan And Family

Susan Wogan has tied marital knots with her husband; now, she is Mark Wogan’s wife.

Sadly, Susan has stayed away from her husband’s limelight. Hence, there are not many details about Mark Wogan wife and their marriage dates on the web.

Mark and Susan appear to be living a happy life, as no reports or complaints regarding their married life have surfaced in the media.

Similarly, the Wogan parents do not appear to have any children as of now. Maybe Mark and his wife are parents and are keeping their children away from the camera.

Mark Wogan wife
Mark Wogan is married to his beautiful wife, Susan Wogan. (Source: bighospitality)

Mark Wogan was born to his parents Terry Wogan and his mother Helen Joyce. Terry was a renowned British-Irish radio and television broadcaster who served for the BBC company.

Wogan, who was frequently referred to as a “national treasure,” was a prominent media figure in Ireland and Britain starting in the late 1960s. It was thought that Mark’s father was the most popular radio host in Europe.

The co-founder was not the single child of his parents. Wogan has three more siblings in his family, with whom he spends the rest of his childhood.

Unfortunately, Mark’s sister Vanessa passed away when she was only a few weeks old. The other siblings of Wogan are Katherine Wogan and Alan Wogan.

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Mark Wogan Age- How Old Is He?

Mark Wogan has lived a secretive life and has not disclosed any of his private details like age and ethnicity.

According to Mens Health, Wogan’s age falls in the early fifties. The co-founder had grown lethargic and found it more and harder to stay motivated as he approached his late 40s.

Before, Mark weighed around 102 kg and was starting to feel his age and realized that getting back in shape would need serious measures.

The co-founder has described himself as a foodie. When he was growing his father, Sir Terry, as well as the rest of his food-centric family, encouraged him to cook and eat properly whatever he liked.

Mark has created his LinkedIn profile and has written his experience as Creative Director/ Co-Founder of Homeslice pizza. However, there is no information about Wogan besides that.

Mark Wogan
Mark Wogan’s amazing transformation. (Source: MensHealth)

Being a creative director, it is Wogan’s responsibility to ensure that the restaurant’s wood-fired pizzas are suitable for consumption by customers.

The foodie, who was once 102 Kg, has drastically reduced his weight and fat. Admirers are amazed to see the before and after pictures of Mark.

It was all possible due to Reid Stafford, the facility’s chief trainer, who got enlisted to assist him.

Under Stafford’s guidance, the creative director committed to a transformation program that included three times a week of weight training, 15,000 steps of daily walking, and a few cardio workouts.

Wogan has already shed more than 25 kg in the past 12 months. His weight reached a low of 77 kg at one time, which he claims is the smallest he has ever been in his adult life.

Mark’s body fat percentage has also significantly decreased. The foodie once had a BFP of 37%, but it is now only 10%.

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