M'bilia Bel Husband

M’bilia Bel husband, Tabu Ley, is a supreme African rumba singer-songwriter from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who has widely performed the product appreciated by the listeners.

Known initially as Marie Claire Mboyo Moseka, she is titled the “Queen of Congolese and African Rumba,” a rumba and world music singer champion whose products are widely listened to by people globally.

Many of her well-wishers are keen to know more highlights of her personal life as she is one of the most loved celebrities. With this, her family background is widely searched.

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Who Is M’bilia Bel Husband Tabu Ley? Her Husband And Kids

M’bilia Bel married Tabu Ley Rochereau, a professional African rumba singer-songwriter. However, he passed away on 30th November 2013 at 73 years old.

Avoid Lots of Liquor and Men to Prosper in Music Career, M'bilia Bel Advises Female Artistes
Avoid Lots of Liquor and Men to Prosper in Music Career, M’bilia Bel Advises Female Artistes (Source- Tuko)

As the duo had a cooperative and mutual understanding, their association may have resulted in marriage. With that, they also have a child.

Even though they did not publicize their personal life, the duo were primarily collaborative, following the same profession. Their listeners love their works and place them as prominent faces.

The duo met in the early 1980s, and their bond became tighter shortly when she joined her husband’s band, Afrisa International. With their collaboration, they have released several albums.

Shortly after a few years, they became parents to a child for which Bel had to take a break from performing for a year; however, after her last album with her husband in 1988, she went to Paris.

M’bilia Bel Family; Who Are They?

M’bilia Bel was living with her husband and child, but as it has been more than a decade since her husband passed away, she may reside with her children or grandchildren if she has any.

As Bel has been mostly silent about her personal life, her parent’s whereabouts are also unknown to her fan base. She has been away from the spotlight but is available on social media.

She is available on Instagram under the username @mbilia.bel, with more than a hundred posts and multi-thousands followers. When scrolling through her feeds, mostly her professional aspect is seen.

However, she has also shared her highlights with her close ones. Seeing her posts can address many things about her fantastic personality.

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M'bilia Bel is a stunning personality with major fan base globally from which she has earned millions
M’bilia Bel is a stunning personality with a significant fan base globally from which she has earned millions (Source- Youtube)

M’bilia Bel Net Worth As Of 2023

According to Celeb age wiki, M’bilia Bel has a predicted net worth of 1 to 5 million dollars as of 2023. She has accumulated a whopping amount as a rumba and world music singer from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

As she is titled “Queen of Congolese and African Rumba,” her prominence in the sector is top-labeled as her masterpiece acknowledged by listeners worldwide.

Moreover, she climbed to fame after first being discovered by Sam Manguana and later by Tabu Ley Rochereau (her late husband), who assisted her in gaining confidence.

They pushed her to master her powerful soprano voice and achieve acclaim as one of the best Congolese female singers. With her dedication and experience, she is well-placed in her excellent place.

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