Natalie McNally Father

Who Is Natalie McNally Father Noel? Let’s dive deep into the information about Natalie Mcnally Father and her ***** case.

A 32-year-old man was charged with murdering Natalie McNally in Lurgan today.

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Ms. McNally, 32, was 15 weeks pregnant when she was stabbed on December 18 at her House in the hamlet of Silverwood Green in County Armagh.

On Tuesday, Stephen McCullagh of Lisburn’s Woodland Gardens was taken into custody; the next day, he was charged.

He appeared in Lisburn Magistrates’ Court via videolink but kept his mouth shut the entire time.

The judge denied a bail application. Therefore Mr. McCullagh was kept in custody. On February 24, he is expected to appear in court once more. Let’s learn about Natalie McNally Father, Mother, and brother. 

Who Is Natalie McNally Father Noel? Meet Her Mother, Bernie, And Brother Niall

Natalie McNally Father Noel, and mother, Bernie are devastated by the news of her pregnant daughter. She also has a brother named Niall. 

Over a thousand people joined the family at a rally in Natalie McNally’s memory. Her Father directly appealed to her killer to “hand yourself up to the authorities, do the right thing.”

While he is still at large, Noel McNally also claimed that ladies in Lurgan are “scared stiff.”

His remarks were made on Saturday as the family met in Lurgan Park for a rally that demanded an end to all forms of abuse against women.

On December 18, Ms. McNally (32), a town resident, was stabbed in her home in Silverwood Green. Her first pregnancy, at 15 weeks, was hers.

Parents of ****** victim Natalie McNally, mother Bernie and father Noel, and brother Niall (right), attend a vigil at Lurgan Park with the general public. Brian Lawless/PA Wire provided the image

Many attendees of the National Women’s Council (NWC)-organized event donned pink or blue in honor of the expectant mother and carried signs that said, “Justice for Natalie” and “She was only at home.”

Natalie McNally Father
Natalie McNally family. (Source: Belfast Telegraph)

Michelle O’Neill, the deputy leader of Sinn Féin, John O’Dowd, Carla Lockhart, and Diane Dodds, MLAs for the DUP, were among the politicians there.

The audience watched a montage that featured homemade videos of Ms. NcNally’s life. Her partner had put it all together.

Declan, her brother, addressed the group: “Natalie’s devoted boyfriend put together this film, which is a compilation of her memories.

“Keep Natalie’s partner in your prayers and thoughts. “This is how we want Natalie to be remembered—as a lovely, jovial girl,” said the family.

Natalie McNally ***** News

A 32-year-old man’s criminal history includes the Lurgan ****** of Natalie McNally.

Ms. McNally, 32, was 15 weeks pregnant when she was stabbed on December 18 at her House in the hamlet of Silverwood Green in County Armagh.

The person, who had also been detained on December 19, was hauled into custody on Tuesday in Lisburn, County Antrim.

He is expected to appear before Lisburn Magistrates Court on Thursday morning.

Natalie McNally Father
Natalie McNally Father and mother. (Source: BBC)

At the end of January, almost a thousand people gathered in Lurgan for a protest in Ms. McNally’s support.

Her family asked the guests to contact the Police for any information they may have and to keep Ms. McNally in their prayers and thoughts.

The National Women’s Council organized the event in Lurgan Park.

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