Paige Butcher Husband

People are searching for Paige Butcher’s Husband, as she is the wife of legendary comedian Eddie murphy.

Paige Butcher is an Australian-American Actress and model. She began her career as a model, working for several high-profile brands and appearing in numerous fashion campaigns. 

She also graced the covers of several magazines, including “Maxim” and “FHM.” In 2000, she was named the “World’s Sexiest Woman” by “FHM” Australia.

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Her first feature film role came in the 2003 comedy “Something’s Gotta Give,” starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. She also appeared in the 2005 film “Big Momma’s House 2,” starring Martin Lawrence.

Who Is Paige Butcher Husband Eddie Murphy? Do They Have Kids?

Butcher and Murphy have been spotted together on the red carpet for over a decade. Nonetheless, as a couple, they have kept a low profile and have not remarked on their relationship.

Following her debut on Maxim’s Real Swimsuit DVD in 2005, Paige secured a role in the 2006 film Big Momma’s House 2, where she met Eddie Murphy for the first time.

Paige Butcher Husband
Paige Butcher And Her Husband Eddie Murphy (source :people)

It was in 2012 that the two began dating. In September of that year, they ignited romance rumors, and two months later, they made their relationship red carpet public on Spike TV.

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Eddie Murphy was born on April 3, 1961, 18 years before Paige. Despite their significant age difference, they have been together for nine years.

After four years of dating, Paige and Eddie had their first daughter, Izzy Oona. She gave birth to their second kid, Max Charles, Eddie’s tenth child, two years later.

Eddie Murphy is a long-time Actor, comedian, and filmmaker in the entertainment business and Hollywood culture. He is also well-known for his long-term relationship with Paige Butcher, with whom he has two children.

Off-screen, Murphy has had several high-profile relationships. He was married to his first wife, Nicole Mitchell, from 1993 to 2006, with whom he has five children. 

In 2012, Murphy began dating Australian Actress and model Paige Butcher. The couple welcomed a daughter together in 2016 and received a son in 2018.

Who Are Paige Butcher’s Parents? Family Tree And Carrer Explored

Paige Butcher was born Jacinto Paige Butcher on October 6, 1979, in Perth, Western Australia. 

Her Father, the Australian model Robert Butcher, was well-known as a fashion designer. Paige has a sibling, the whereabouts of whom are unknown.

Paige Butcher Husband
Paige Butcher’s with her Parents in LA (source: shutterstock)

She went to Santa Clause Maria Catholic College for her studies. After graduating, Paige went on to seek a career as an Actor and model.

She auditioned for several acting jobs, arranged multiple photoshoots, and began modeling for various projects.

She was born with beautiful beauty and came from a family in the fashion industry. 

As a result, she didn’t have to go through the genuine difficulties of starting her modeling career. Because of her parent’s involvement in the modeling industry, she was already familiar with it at a young age.

She began appearing in photographs when she was seven or eight years old. She began pursuing her modeling profession more seriously when she was 13 years old, and her career soon took off.

Paige and Eddie have been together for a long time. However, they have not set a wedding date and do not appear to be getting married anytime soon.

What’s Eddie Murphy And Paige Butcher’s Net Worth?

Eddie has a net worth of $200 million, making him one of the most successful performers in film history. 

The “48 Hours” star is also the highest compensated Actor in Hollywood, according to Forbes, and has been in several box office disasters.

Meanwhile, the net worth of his fiancée remains at $40 million. Before marrying Eddie Murphy, she will undoubtedly be requested to sign a prenuptial agreement. 

Nicole Murphy allegedly received $15 million from her divorce from the “Beverly Hills Cop” Actor in 2005. “The wellbeing of our children is our first concern, and their best interests are our top priority,” Murphy stated at the time.

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