Sally Azar

Sally Azar created history as the first Palestinian woman when she was ordained as a pastor at the Church of Jerusalem.

Sally Azar, a Palestinian from Jerusalem, became the city’s first woman pastor on Sunday during an occasion attended by hundreds of foreign well-wishers near the Old City’s central Lutheran church.

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Her ordination was placed in front of an immense crowd inside Jerusalem’s Old City church.

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According to the Church of the Redeemer, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan, and the Holy Land, Sally Azar will lead the English-speaking congregation.

Who Is Sally Azar? Meet First Palestinian Woman Pastor In Holy Land Ordained

Azar grew up in a conventional Palestinian Christian home and attended a Bethlehem Catholic school. She had always been drawn to ministry, but as a woman, she knew it would be a tough road. She pursued her passion and enrolled at a theology seminary in Jerusalem.

Sally Azar
Sally Azar at an event at the Lutheran church (source: BBC)

During her studies, Azar encountered many obstacles and challenges. She faced resistance from some members of the community who did not believe that women should be ordained as pastors. 

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Additionally, as a Palestinian, she faced discrimination and prejudice from some members of Israeli society. However, Azar remained determined and persevered through these challenges.

After completing her studies, Azar was finally ordained as a pastor in the Holy Land. She is the first Palestinian woman to achieve this milestone and is now a trailblazer for other women in the Palestinian Christian community.

The Middle East Council of Churches claims Azar will be one of five ordained women, joining one in Syria and three in Lebanon.

Her responsibilities as a pastor will involve outstanding obligations such as leading church services, masses, and bible studies in Jerusalem and Beit Sahour for all English-speaking congregations.

Who Are Sally Azar’s Parents? Family Explored

Sally Azar hails from a strong and loving family. She is the first Palestinian woman to be ordained as a priest in the Holy Land. 

Her parents, who have played an essential part in her life and journey, have been a source of inspiration and encouragement for her throughout her path to becoming a pastor.

Sally Azar
Sally Azar is a pastor at the Church of Jerusalem. (source: shethepeople)

Rev Sally studied theology and hoped to become a priest one day, inspired by her Father, Bishop Sani Azar. “It’s what I wanted to do, what I was called to do,” she remarked after receiving her ordination.

He has always been a positive and encouraging presence in her life, instilling in her the value of hard work and perseverance. 

Although some community members opposed women being ordained as pastors, he always believed in her and supported her desire to become a pastor.

Sally’s mother is a housewife who has also played an essential part in her life. She has always been a source of love and support for Sally, teaching her the importance of compassion and kindness.

The ordination of Jerusalem’s first female pastor is an excellent first step toward bridging the gender divide. At a time when more female ministers are seeking their place as pastors, seeing the Holy Land recognize a young lady from its territory is uplifting.

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