Sarah Boone husband

Sarah Boone has been accused of murdering her boyfriend, Jorge Torres Jr., in a cruel manner. Who is Sarah Boone husband? Examine specific aspects in depth.

On February 24, 2020, Torres was found dead in a suitcase at their Winter Park, Florida, home after apparently suffocating when Boone zipped him inside.

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Also, Boone was arrested and charged with second-degree ****** for his *****.

Held in Orange County jail without bail, Boone has written letters saying she feels her case has not been represented fairly.

At her upcoming trial beginning January 29, 2024, she is expected to argue that she should not be found guilty because she was a victim of domestic abuse.

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Who Is Sarah Boone Husband?

There are no details confirming Sarah Boone had a husband. She was in a relationship with Jorge Torres, whom she allegedly murdered on February 24, 2020.

Prior to Torres’ *****, he had been arrested multiple times for suspected domestic violence against Boone.

A domestic dispute led to Boone being arrested in July 2018 for strangling Torres. Though she was arrested, her charge was dismissed. After each of Torres’ arrests for suspected battery against Boone, she bailed him out of jail.

Sarah Boone husband
Picture taken on September 14, 2019, of Jorge Torres Jr. when he was booked in Orange County Corrections (Source: FOX 35)

Boone’s trial for the alleged ****** of Torres by zipping him into a suitcase during a “hide-and-seek” game in 2020 is now scheduled to start on Monday, January 29th.

The trial has been delayed multiple times over nearly four years as several public defenders filed motions to no longer represent Boone.

Sarah Boone Family

While little is known publicly about Sarah Boone’s family history and upbringing, authorities have kept such details private.

However, after maintaining silence for over two years, Jorge Torres’s family members spoke out in 2023 to share perspectives on both Torres and Boone.

Specifically, Torres’s mother, Blanca, highlighted that, though imperfect, Torres was a beloved son, uncle, cousin, friend, and nephew whose life was tragically cut short.

Sarah Boone husband
Jorge’s mother Blanca spoke about her son in an interview (Source: YouTube)

By sharing memories of his role in the lives of his loved ones, Blanca personalized Torres and emphasized all that was lost when he died.

Additionally, Blanca expressed a sympathetic, non-judgmental view towards Boone herself—not hatred for her alleged actions, but rather deep sadness.

Sarah Boone Biography

Very few details have been made public about Sarah Boone’s background and personal life prior to the alleged ****** of her boyfriend, Jorge Torres Jr.

Authorities have not disclosed information about her childhood experiences, family relationships, education, or other formative experiences.

While her past remains largely unknown, Boone has gained notoriety for the horrific method by which she allegedly killed Torres.

According to police reports, she zipped Torres into a suitcase while playing a deadly game of hide-and-seek. As he suffocated inside, she made no attempts to free him.

Initially, Boone apparently tried to cover up the crime by claiming Torres died by suicide inside the suitcase. However, investigators determined that she was directly responsible for trapping him without air or means of escape, leading to his slow, agonizing *****.

The case stands out for both the brutal nature of Torres’s fate and Boone’s initial attempt to evade blame by framing it as a suicide.

If convicted, Boone may go down in history as the woman who faked her boyfriend’s tragic ***** to hide her own immoral actions.

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