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People are interested in learning more about Nyck de Vries sister because he is a Dutch racing driver who drives for Scuderia AlphaTauri in Formula One.

Nyck triumphed in the FIA Formula 2 Championship in 2019, the 2020–21 Formula E World Championship, and the 2010–11 Karting World Championships.

He joined the McLaren Young Driver Program in January 2010 and remained a member through May 2019. At the 2022 Italian Grand Prix, De Vries made his Formula One début in September 2022 as a stand-in for Williams.

De Vries signed with Racing Team Nederland on March 15 to participate in the LMP2 division. On October 6, 2019, he and this team captured their first victory in this class at the 6 Hours of Fuji.

De Vries completed the final stretch and brought the vehicle across the finish line. De Vries was introduced as the test and backup driver for Toyota Gazoo Racing Europe GmbH on July 6, 2020. He performs trials on Toyota’s hypercar as well as the TS050 hybrid.

The ACO authorities forbade Philippe Cimadomo, a driver for TDS Racing x Vaillante, from starting during the test week leading up to the 2022 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Who Is Seychelle de Vries? Nyck De Vries Sister

Nyck de Vries sister, Seychelle de Vries, was a little secretive when it came to his personal information, as she had not revealed much information about herself at the time of writing this article.

However, she was George Russell’s previous girlfriend and was spotted in the F1 paddock in 2023 after the Dutchman accepted an offer to fly in AlphaTauri. Seychelle de Vries, the 23-year-old sibling of Nyck de Vries.

Nyck De Vries Sister
Nyck De Vries Sister, Seychelle de Vries. (Source: The Family Nation)

Seychelle de Vries led a surprisingly private existence despite dating one of the most intelligent young drivers in the Formula series, so little is known about her.

We only know that George Russell and Nyck de Vries, teammates in Formula 2, began dating around 2018. Before 2020, the couple quickly called it quits, and the Brit began dating Mundt.

Nyck De Vries Parents

Nyck de Vries has also not revealed much information regarding his parents. Still, we know that Hendrik Jan de Vries and Naomi Hesseling, his parents, are from Uitwellingerga in the Netherlands.

Nyck was only three years old when Hendrik Jan de Vries and Naomi divorced. Hendrik is also referred to as the vehicle agreement’s owner. He oversees De Vries Competition/De Vries Beheer as general manager.

Nyck De Vries fam
Nyck De Vries with his family. (Source: The Family Nation)

Nyck de Vries, Vries’s first child, was born on February 6, 1995. Nyck, a Dutch motorsports racer, is the Mercedes-AMG-Petronas F1-Team’s current backup driver. In “Formula One,” he made his début in September 2022. Nyck raced in Formula 2 alongside renowned racer George Russell.

Nyck De Vries Net Worth 2023

Nyck has also not revealed anything regarding his net worth to his fans, so the exact amount was not found anywhere on the internet at the time of writing this article.

According to various sources, Nyck has an estimated net worth of $4 million as of 2023. However, this information is yet to be confirmed by the racer himself.

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Nyck has not shared a photo of himself flexing his expensive clothing, designer shoes, or other items, suggesting he does not appreciate spending money on such things.

He uses the handle @nyckdevries, has over 753k followers as of the time of writing, and appears to be pretty active there as he regularly updates his profile.

When this piece was written, Nyck had over 900 posts, most of which were pictures of his family, photos taken with his F1 car, and others.

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