Steph Pappas Mom

Learn about Steph Pappas mom Kris Pappas and her family background through his article. 

Pappas is a YouTuber who has gained popularity for making videos on her self-titled YouTube channel “Steph Pappas.”

She has over 1.4 million subscribers and has posted food-related content on her social media accounts, including her stephsmeals Instagram account. Her current self-titled YouTube channel was created on December 13, 2016.

In addition to making videos, she has posted food challenges, cooking videos, and other content related to food and eating.

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Who Is Steph Pappas Mom Kris Pappas?

Pappas was born to Kris Pappas and John Pappas, who recently died in a car accident. 

Pappas mother, Kris, loves baking and has often been involved in her Youtube videos. Her parents have always supported her career choice and interest. 

Steph Pappas recently experienced the loss of her father in 2022 and has been open about her feelings regarding his passing on her Instagram account.

Steph Pappas with her father and mom, Kris.
Steph Pappas with her father and mom, Kris. (Image Source: The Tab)

In a recent post, she mentioned her father’s birthday and expressed her emotions toward his memory.

Pappas has shared many pictures on her social media accounts that feature her father, but there have been relatively few pictures of her with her mother.

It is unclear why this is the case, as Steph has not provided any information about her family dynamics or personal life that would explain the disparity in the number of photos featuring her father compared to her mother.

Steph’s mother prefers to maintain a lower profile and does not want to be featured prominently in her daughter’s social media accounts.

Steph Pappas Family And Siblings

The Youtuber has an older brother named Nick, who is her manager. She has often included her brother in videos and social media posts. 

Her viewers have praised Steph Pappas for her great on-screen chemistry with her brother Nick.

Many viewers have commented on their strong bond, which has contributed to the popularity of their content.

Steph Pappas shared a picture with her parents and older brother Nick.
Steph Pappas shared a picture with her parents and older brother, Nick. (Image Source: The Tab)

Pappas has a close relationship with her family, including her older brother, who she has often mentioned and expressed appreciation for.

She was raised by her mother, father, and older brother and has shared on social media that they have supported her career as a YouTuber.

Other than that, she has always expressed the love her family has given to her and her career interest. 

Steph Pappas Relationship Status: Is She Dating Anyone?

Pappas has been in a relationship with Ross Smith, a social media star. However, it is unclear whether they are still together, as no recent public update has been on their relationship status.

The couple seems to have separated and has not revealed any reason behind their separation. 

Steph has not shared much about her personal life, including her romantic relationships, on her social media accounts or in her YouTube videos.

Pappas frequently uses her social media accounts to update her followers on her new videos and projects. She also often shares photos of herself having fun and traveling with friends.

Steph Pappas shared a video of her with her boyfriend Ross with night routine as a couple in 2021.
Steph Pappas shared a video of her with her boyfriend Ross in a night routine as a couple in 2021. (Image Source: Youtube)

Pappas collaborated with Ashley Rivera to create the joint YouTube channel Ashley Steph, which gained popularity.

One of Steph’s videos from October 2018, in which she tried Burger King’s new spicy chicken sandwich, has received over 8 million views.

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