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Eight-time Grammy Award winner Stephen Marley is a Jamaican-American artist. Many viewers look for information on Stephen Marley’s Wife.

Stephen Robert Nesta Marley, aka Stephen Marley, is a Jamaican-American music artist, singer, and producer.

He is the son of legendary Reggae musician Bob Marley and a lead member of Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers.

After spending several years as a background producer and supporting elder brother Ziggy as a melody maker, Marley finally decided to become a solo artist. He released his first album, Mind Control, in 2007.

His first three solo albums bring him the Grammy award for Best Reggae Album. He has won a total of 8 Grammy Awards.

Marley plays various musical instruments, and he also appeared in the second season of Luke Cage in the episode “On and On.”

Stay with us till last to know who is Stephen Marley’s Wife, Kertia DeCosta Marley. Kids And Family Ethnicity

Who Is Stephen Marley Wife, Kertia DeCosta Marley?

Stephen Marley is married to Kertia DeCosta Marley. Their marriage date and location have been kept secret till now.

While no other information about Kertia DeCosta Marley is being published, we know that the couple got separated a couple of years back. Still, they have a relationship outside of the marriage.

Stephen Marley Uses His Father’s Roots Reggae as a Springboard
Stephen Marley Uses His Father’s Roots Reggae as a Springboard. (Image Source: The New York Times)

Stephen had several affairs besides being married. It is rumored that the couple got separated because of the same reason. Recently Kertia moved to Florida and started living there.

This could mark the end of their marriage, but no official statement has been out yet.

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Stephen Marley Family and Kids

Father Bob Marley and mother Rita Marley welcomed Marley into the world on April 20, 1972. He was raised in Kingston, Jamaica, but was born in Wilmington, Delaware. There were 11 siblings overall for Stephen.

Four were from his Father, Bob, and mother, Rita, two were adopted from his mother, Rita’s past relationship, and the other Bob had with different women.

Stephen was married to Kertia DeCosta Marley in a secret place.

Like Father, Stephen too had eleven children, Joseph Mersa “Jo Mersa” Marley, Binghi Marley, Nyah Marley, Summer Marley, Mystic Marley, Sasha Marley, Jeremiah Marley, Zipporah Marley, Yohan Marley, Lailah Marley, and Shacia Marley.

Stephen’s children also carry their Father and grandfather’s Reggae music legacy.

His eldest son, Joseph Marley, released his first Ep Comfortable, and his daughter, Mystic Marley, released her debut single and music video, Beatdown.

Son of Stephen, Jo Mersa Marley died at the age of 31.
Son of Stephen, Jo Mersa Marley, died at the age of 31. (Image Source: Loop Jamaica)

Joseph died at age 31 on December 27, 2022. He was found unresponsive in his vehicle; a South Florida radio station reported that he died of an asthma attack.

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Stephen Marley Ethnicity

Stephen is from the Jamaican American ethnic group and has full Jamaican ancestry. His Father was a member of the Rastafari movement (a religion developed in Jamaica during the 1930s based on a specific interpretation of the Bible).

Rastafarian supported the legalization of marijuana, and Stephen Marley is a passionate advocate for the marijuana business.

He founded a private marijuana business, Kaya Farms. And also the board of directors of Med-X, a medical marijuana business.

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