Steven McNamee

A body was discovered during the desperate search in Perth for a missing man. On Tuesday, November 29, Steven McNamee, 50, was reported missing from the area.

The last time Steven, also known as “Max,” was seen was in the Letham neighborhood at 5 o’clock on a Friday. Since then, this is the first time anyone has heard from him.

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Cops became more concerned for his well-being and health and urgently appealed to find him.

However, Police have now acknowledged that a body was discovered in their search in Perth’s Primrose Crescent neighborhood.

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Who Is Steven McNamee? 50-Year-Old Perth Man’s Body Found After Going Missing

Perth resident Steven McNamee went missing on November 29. On Sunday, December 4, a body was discovered, and Steven McNamee is thought to be the victim. The verified sources have not yet validated this information, nevertheless.

The finding was made inside a building on the street yesterday morning at 11.30. Although formal confirmation has not yet occurred, Steven’s family has been informed.

The ***** is being classified as unexplained, according to the Police. A report will be delivered to the fiscal procurator.

Tayside Police's official tweet regarding Steven McNamee
Tayside Police’s official tweet regarding Steven McNamee. (Source: Twitter)

According to a Police Scotland spokesperson, authorities learned that a man’s corpse had been discovered inside a home in Perth’s Primrose Crescent neighborhood around 11.30 pm on Sunday, December 4.

The cause of the ***** is now being investigated. The family of Steven McNamee, who was reported missing, has been contacted, albeit formal identification has not yet taken place. A report will be delivered to the Fiscal Procurator.

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Is Steven McNamee Dead OR Alive?

His ***** has not yet been officially confirmed, and the Police have made no public announcements. However, a lot of people have been paying him honor online.

Friends and family members have been paying tribute to the “one of a kind” Steven on social media.

A commenter wrote: “RIP to Mad Max. a one-of-a-kind. Max will never forget you. At this difficult time, our hearts and prayers are with your family. “This is heartbreaking. Max was a lovely guy,” said another.

Steven McNamee 2
News regarding Steven McNamee. (Source: Twitter)

Others commented, “Absolutely saddened to read this. Max, we will miss your little mischievous face for a chat at the shops in the morning.

When I gave you money, you’d return to the car and offer me the first drink. Fly high, sweetie. The entire family and friends of Max are in our thoughts.

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