Stone Foltz Girlfriend

The untimely demise of BGSU students made victim Stone Foltz’s Girlfriend, Maddy Borja, the trending topic after Bowling Green Reached a $2.9 million settlement in Hazing Death.

Stone Justin Foltz, a sophomore Bowling Green State University (BGSU) student, died of alcohol intoxication three days after attending a Pi Kappa Alpha new member initiation event held at an off-campus House.

On April 29, 2021, eight men were indicted for hazing, and six were further charged with manslaughter concerning Stone Foltz’s death.

Stone Foltz’s mother, Shari Foltz, brought a civil lawsuit against Pi Kappa Alpha, the Delta Beta Chapter, as well as ten others for the wrongful death of her son.

Who Is Stone Foltz’s Girlfriend, Maddy Borja?

The victim’s girlfriend, Maddy Borja, described his condition just hours after consuming what would turn out to be a deadly dose of alcohol.

His girlfriend, Maddy, was the one who eventually called 911.

Stone Foltz Girlfriend
Stone Foltz’s Girlfriend, Maddy Borja(Source:.toledoblade)

The victim, Stone Foltz, was pledging the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity in 2021. He attended a fraternity event where there was allegedly a tradition of having pledges finish or try to drink entire bottles of alcohol. 

Sources claim, Fraternity members allegedly then took the victim to his apartment, where they left him until he was later found unconscious.

During the investigation, eight ex-fraternity members were convicted at trial or pleaded guilty to charges related to the hazing-related incident. 

Why Stone Foltz Parents Sue BGSU?

The victim’s parents sued the University in June 2022, claiming that BGSU ignored hazing, including the fraternity Foltz was pledging to before a hazing ritual involving alcohol caused his death. 

Stones’ parents became a buzzing topic on the internet after Bowling Green Reached a $2.9 million settlement in Hazing Death for his case.

After attending an off-campus for three days, their 20-year son lost his life at a fraternity event in March 2021.

Stone Foltz Girlfriend
Cory Foltz, left, and his wife Shari Foltz sit next to attorney Rex Elliott in a press conference from Bowling Green State University to settle its lawsuit on Monday, Jan. 23, 2023. (Source:Foxnews)

According to NY Times, Stone’s parents said they would use the money to support their anti-hazing foundation.

Fox News claims Stone’s parents announced on December 23, 2023, a historic $2.9 million settlement with Bowling Green State University over one year following their son’s demise from alcohol poisoning linked to hazing at the Ohio school.

The victim’s parents, Shari and Cory Foltz, settled with Bowling Green State University (BGSU), called the largest payout by a public University in a hazing case” in state history.

As soon as the news of the settlement got hyped, the Foltz family and the University, in a joint statement, stated despite receiving cash, they would forever be impacted by the tragic death.

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Did Stone Foltz’s Death Case Settle?

Yes, Stone Fotz’s case settled after two years of hustle.

According to Fox News, Stone, joined by their attorneys, Rex Elliott and Sean Alto, the group emphasized the importance of proactive measures against college hazing nationwide and said the nearly $3 million.

In addition to the monetary settlement, Elliott claimed BGSU has committed to partnering in their efforts “to eradicate hazing.”

The University investigation found the 20-year-old had attended a fraternity initiation event where there was a tradition of new members finishing or attempting to finish a bottle of alcohol.

During Monday’s press conference, his mother, Shari Foltz, revealed they plan to further the foundation’s education component and continue our fight and saving lives.

According to The Associated Press, Court documents show the University and others involved in Foltz’s death have already paid his family more than $7 million.

CBS News claims his parents accused the school of failing to stop hazing in fraternities and sororities despite being aware of it.

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