Sunita Williams Husband

Meet Sunita Williams husband and kids as she is in the spotlight on social media after business tycoon Anand Mahindra shared a selfie on Twitter.

Anand Mahindra, a business billionaire and the chairman of the Mahindra group, tweeted a selfie. The message quickly caught the interest of online users.

Anand Mahindra and Mukesh Ambani, two prominent businessmen from India, were in Washington for the US State Dinner hosted by President Joe Biden for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mahindra delivered on his ‘promise’ by sharing some great anecdotes from his trip to the US. The chairman of the Mahindra Group posted the selfie he had shot on the streets of Washington using the microblogging platform.

He sent the selfie to Twitter with the message, “I suppose this was what they would call a ‘Washington moment.'”

He said, “Mukesh Ambani, Vrinda Kapoor, and I were talking with the Secretary of Commerce after yesterday’s tech handshake meeting, and we missed the group shuttle bus to the next lunch engagement.

“When we encountered NASA astronaut Sunita Williams, we attempted to call an Uber.”

As predicted, the tweet caught the attention of internet users and received more than a million views up until the publication of this article.

Sunita also caught attention through this post, so people want to know more about the astronaut’s life. Who is Sunita Williams husband? Let’s find out.  

Meet Sunita Williams Husband, Michael J. Williams, And Their Kids

Sunita Williams is happily married to her husband, Michael J. Williams. Both of them were helicopter pilots at the beginning of their careers, and the couple has been married for more than 20 years.

They share a home in a Houston, Texas, suburb. On November 12, 2010, she appeared with her pet Jack Russell terrier, Gorby, on the Dog Whisperer television program on the National Geographic Channel.

Sunita Williams husband
Sunita Williams and her husband were fellow helicopter pilots at the beginning of their careers. (Source: Wikiwand)

Michael is now a Federal police officer in Oregon. As a result, not much about his profession is revealed to the media and the public.

Additionally, despite being a Federal police officer, he devotes his time equally to the family’s happiness and often goes out with them. 

The pair does not have any children born to them. But, Sunita stated her wish to adopt an Indian daughter from Gujarat in 2012.

However, the pair did not adopt one at that time and haven’t adopted a child yet. But the pair may do so in the future. 

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Sunita Williams Family: Meet Her Parents And Siblings

Sunita Williams is a native of Needham, Massachusetts, who was born in Euclid, Ohio, to her parents on September 19, 1965.

Ursuline Bonnie (Zalokar) Pandya and Deepak Pandya are the parents of the famous astronaut and Navy.

Deepak is a neuroanatomist from Mumbai, India, and belongs to Mumbai-Indian American ancestry. Meanwhile, Ursuline is an American of Slovene descent.

Sunita Williams Family
Sunita Williams grew up in an ordinary family of five, including her parents and siblings. (Source: Timetoast)

The astronaut was the youngest of three children. Her sister Dina Annad is three years older than her, while her brother Jay Thomas is four years older.

Williams’s mother’s family is Slovene, while her paternal family is from Jhulasan in the Mehsana area of Gujarat, India.

In honor of her Indian and Slovenian ancestry, Williams has sent the Slovenian flag, a samosa, and a Carniolan sausage into orbit.

In 1987, Sunita earned a Bachelor of Science in physical science from the US Naval Academy.

She did a Master of Science in engineering management at the Florida Institute of Technology in 1995.

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