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Susan Radder is a popular Dutch actress who has worked in Dutch movies and Tv Series.

Susan is best known for The Forgotten Battle (2020), The Takeover (2022), and Spring (2017).

Radder was nominated in golden Calf as the Best Actress in the movie “Horizon” in 2016 and has played in films and series as a lead actress.

Susan Radder Vriend: Is She Dating Anyone?

Susan’s look and grace have won the hearts of everybody, and the public is curious about her dating life and has gained a huge fan following from her work.

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Talking about Susan Radder Vriend had never disclosed her past or present relationship to any media or public.

Not many sources have covered information about her dating history which are still unknown; she has never talked in front of cameras.

Susan Radder Vriend
Susan Radder Vriend and Joe Siebe being together for one year
Source: Instagram

However, it seems she is happy with a boy named Joe Siebe and has been dating him for one year, which can be seen through her Instagram account.

So, it seems she is dating Joe Siebe and has already been together for one year, as she has the caption, “Already one year with my man.”

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Looking at their pictures, we can conclude that they have a healthy relationship and live a blissful time together in various places.

How Much Is Susan Radder Net Worth?

According to the popularnetworth, the actor from Amsterdam, Susan Radder, enjoys a massive net worth of $2 Million and is known as one of the wealthiest actors.

Susan is widely known as an actor in The Netherlands, so most of her earnings are earned through her work in the entertainment industry.

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Being a well-noted actor, she has also engaged in brand promotions and fashion modeling, which paid her well, as reported by starktimes.

Susan Radder
Susan Radder, in her most noted movie, All you need is Love Source: binged

However, she has personally never talked about her earnings in the media and to the public, so we only have little information on her.

Nevertheless, the actress charges $ 5k- 6k per episode and has been earning through all her hard work in her career to make it successful.

Radder has been nominated for several prizes, including the Golden Calf for Best television drama and Golden Calf for best actress. The Cast from ‘All you need is Love’ was nominated Best Actress for her role in “Horizon.”

The Cast from Spring held the awards due to her exceptional acting ability, and I hope the popularity will increase over time.

Susan Radder Career

When the actress was just six years old, she made her first appearance in the movie “Offers” and was discovered by director Dana Nechushtan when she joined Susan’s mother for a day.

Radder has also made her appearances in noted movies and shows like Oogappels (2019), Eyeballs (2020), and All you need is Love (2018) and played the role of a feisty teenager in the movie “Horizon,” as stated by wikibiography.

The actress got the highlight of her career in the movie Quiz, directed by Dick Mass in 2012, and got an opportunity to appear as the daughter of quizmaster Monica.

In 2014, the Cast from Quiz got her role in Painkillers as Casper’s good friend, and her well-noted movie became a part of All you need is Love, from the source celebcritics.

Susan Radder, behind the scene of The Forgotten Battle Source: Instagram

Susan has also debuted in the YV show Sacrifices and was seen as Dora and took five years to come back as Saskia in Hidden Stories.

The actress was also part of three big shows, Murder Woman, Fighting heart, and Soof A New Beginning, and in addition, she got her role in Emilia, Tessa, Horizon, and many other films and series.

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As for now, she is focusing on her career in the entertainment industry and has been working hard for her career.

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