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Tim Wheatley is a singer and songwriter from Australia. He has been a country musician for a few years now.

He is a well-known musician and the offspring of Glenn Whiteley, who enjoyed peak popularity in Australia in the 1980s and 1990s and is still well-known today.

Midway through the 1960s, Glenn, his father, started working as a musician in Brisbane. He rose to national prominence as the bassist for the rock group the Masters’ Apprentices in the late 1960s.

Later, he built a media empire that included radio stations and talent representation.

Wheatley is most known for serving as John Farnham’s longtime manager; he has been dubbed an “iconic industry figure” and is credited with helping to establish Delta Goodrem’s career.

Additionally, he is credited with founding Little River Band in the United States. At the age of 74, Wheatley passed away from COVID-19-related problems on February 1, 2022.

Tim Wheatley Wife And Kids: Who Is Alison Sund?

Celebrity singer Tim Wheatley’s marital status has come under scrutiny as conflicting information surfaces regarding his partner.

While Tim Wheatley is said to be married to a woman named Alison Sund, his social media activity tells a different story.

The 34-year-old singer has been posting pictures alongside a woman known as Elke Long on Instagram.

Tim Wheatley Wife
Tim Wheatley alongside his partner, Elke Dong. (Source: Instagram)

Despite being seen together frequently, Tim has not officially addressed his relationship with Elke Long. Both their Instagram profiles provide clues suggesting that they have been together for several years.

Adding to the intrigue, the couple has a child named Margaux Wheatley, born on March 3, 2022. However, details about Elke Long’s professional life remain concealed from the public eye.

Tim Wheatley’s affection for his supposed partner is apparent in his Instagram posts, where he often refers to her as a “Queen.”

Their respective social media accounts are adorned with romantic poses and affectionate moments, further fueling curiosity about the nature of their relationship.

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As speculations grow, fans and followers eagerly await an official statement from Tim Wheatley to clarify the situation surrounding his marital status and relationship with Elke Long.

Until then, the mystery continues to captivate the public, drawing attention to the personal life of the singing sensation.

Tim Wheatley Family: Ethnicity and Origin

Melbourne-born singer Tim Wheatley hails from a family deeply entrenched in the entertainment industry.

Born on March 17, 1984, Tim is the offspring of renowned musician, talent manager, and tour promoter Glenn Wheatley and popular actress Gaynor Martin.

Tim’s upbringing was marked by his parents’ successful careers, with the family splitting their time between Sydney and Melbourne due to his father’s professional commitments.

Tim Wheatley parents
Tim Wheatley’s parents, Glenn Wheatley and Gaynor Martin. (Source: Herald Sun)

Growing up, Tim had the companionship of his brother and sister, making their household a bustling hub of creativity and talent.

In a display of bravery and compassion, Tim demonstrated his heroic side in June 2012 when he intervened to protect another dog from an aggressive assault while walking his son’s canine companion, Danko.

Unfortunately, Tim suffered a severe injury in the process, losing half of his middle finger during the rescue.

Tragedy struck the Wheatley family on February 1, 2022, when Glenn Wheatley, aged 74, succumbed to COVID-19-related complications.

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The loss of his father was a profound blow to Tim and his entire family, leaving behind a legacy of musical brilliance and a life dedicated to nurturing talent.

Despite the heartache, Tim Wheatley’s passion for music and performance continues to shine through as he carries on his family’s artistic tradition.

As fans and well-wishers mourn the passing of his father, they eagerly anticipate more memorable performances and accomplishments from the talented singer in the future.

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