Victor Chang Wife

Get insights on the cardiac surgeon Victor Chang wife Ann Simmons, their kids and their family from this article.

Victor Chang was a renowned Australian cardiac surgeon and a pioneer of modern heart transplantation in Australia.

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His ****** in 1991 shocked the nation and left behind a legacy of medical innovation and humanitarianism.

But who was the woman behind this remarkable man? How did they meet, and what was their family life like?

In this article, we will explore the story of Victor Chang’s wife, Ann Simmons, their kids and their family.

Victor Chang Wife: Who Is Ann Simmons?

Ann Simmons was born in England and worked as a nurse. She met Victor Chang in 1966 when he was the on-call emergency physician at St. Anthony’s Hospital in North Cheam, London, where she went after feeling unwell at a party.

They fell in love and married soon after. Ann supported Victor’s career and moved with him to the United States, where he trained at the Mayo Clinic, and then to Australia, where he joined the cardiothoracic team at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney.

Victor Chang wife
Victor Chang was married to Ann Simmons in 1966. (Image Source: Grant Doyle)

Ann was described by Victor’s colleagues as a “lovely lady” who was “very devoted” to her husband and his work.

She was also involved in charitable causes, such as the Victor Chang Foundation, which was established by Victor in 1986 to raise funds for research and education in cardiovascular diseases.

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After Victor’s *****, Ann continued to support the foundation and the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, which was founded in 1994 in honor of her late husband.

Victor Chang and Ann Simmons Kids: How Many Does The Couple Have?

Victor and Ann had three children: Vanessa, Matthew and Marcus. They were raised in a multicultural environment, as Victor was of Chinese descent and Ann was of English origin.

They also inherited their parents’ passion for helping others, as Vanessa became a doctor, Matthew became a lawyer, and Marcus became an engineer.

Victor Chang Wife
Fiona Coote and Marcus Chang, son of murdered heart surgeon Dr Victor Chang, unite to commemorate White Rose Day, fundraising for the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute in 1998. (Image Source: Herald Sun)

The children were very close to their father and admired his dedication and achievements. They were devastated by his ****** and struggled to cope with the loss.

Vanessa, who was 19 then, said: “It was like someone had taken away our whole world.” Matthew, who was 17, said: “He was my hero.” Marcus, who was 15, said: “He taught me everything I know.”

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Ann Simmon’s Family: Ethnicity And Origin

Ann Simmons came from an English family with roots in Yorkshire. She had a brother named John, who lived in England.

She also had relatives in Australia, such as her cousin Peter Simmons, who was a journalist and a friend of Victor Chang.

Ann embraced her husband’s Chinese heritage and learned to speak Mandarin. She also visited China with Victor several times and met his relatives there.

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She said: “I loved China. I felt very much at home there.” Ann Simmons was a remarkable woman who stood by her husband’s side through thick and thin.

She shared his vision of saving lives through medical innovation and philanthropy. She also raised their children with love and care. She is an inspiration to many people who admire her strength and grace.

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