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Wes Scantlin is a singer and songwriter, and people are curious to know more about Wes Scantlin Wife, Jessica Nicole Smith. 

He is best known for being the main singer, guitarist, and lone stalwart of the rock group Puddle of Mudd. Hit Parader recognized him as one of the “Best 100 Heavy Metal Vocalists.”

Puddle of Mudd was founded in 1991 by Scantlin. In 1994, they issued their debut EP, Stuck, and in 1997, they issued a demo LP, Abrasive.

The band added three new members four years later, and Come Clean, their debut album, was published. They issued Life on Display, their second record, in 2003.

Following the release of Songs in the Key of Love & Hate in 2009 and Welcome to Galvania in 2019, their third album, Famous, was published in 2007.

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Who Is Wes Scantlin Wife, Jessica Nicole Smith?

Sadly, not much information about Wes Scantlin Wife, Jessica Nicole Smith, was found other than that she is a model and the ex-wife of Wes Scantlin.

Scantlin was detained on domestic violence charges in May 2013 after it was claimed that he tugged Jessica Nicole Smith’s arm or shirt and dragged his ex-wife. Wes Scantlin, a vocalist for Puddle of Mudd, was detained for domestic abuse on a Monday night in 2013.

Police were summoned to a West Hollywood argument between the musician and his ex-wife Jessica Nicole Smith. Officers detained the 40-year-old rock star after onlookers allegedly saw him try to drag his ex-wife against her will.

Wes Scantlin wife
Wes Scantlin wife: Wes and his ex-wife. (Source: Daily Mail)

According to law enforcement sources, officers were called to the scene at around 3.30 pm after Scantlin and Smith got into a shouting match on the grounds of an unnamed business in a Los Angeles neighborhood.

The performer allegedly tried to force Smith by grabbing her by the “arm or shirt.” Deputies chose to arrest Scantlin after speaking with the claimed victim and witnesses present.

According to reports, the She Hates Me songwriter fought Police. A source claimed he was “very mouthy” as law enforcement officers were taking him into detention.

PUDDLE OF MUDD Singer Arrested Again

According to several sources, Wes Scantlin was detained on February 20 after reportedly visiting an older House he lost to foreclosure.

According to the Sheriff’s Department Inmate Information Center, the 50-year-old musician was brought to jail on a misdemeanor trespassing charge after being apprehended in Hollywood at around 11:00 a.m.

Wes was initially held under a $1,000 bond, but at 2:26, he was freed on his recognizance. Several sources claim that the arrest followed a woman’s claim on TikTok that “a famous rock singer” visited her Hollywood Hills home and wouldn’t leave.

Wes Scantlin arrested
Wes Scantlin was arrested again for disorderly conduct. (Source: Louder Sounds)

She claimed in the footage she uploaded to the platform that the man had “camped outside” and threatened her maid before being apprehended due to “an active order against him.”

The man is reportedly seen in the video outside the House Scantlin paid $1.7 million for in 2005. Ten years later, when the estate was lost to insolvency, Scantlin broke into the House and was charged with trespassing and vandalism.

Scantlin has previously been detained on the grounds of possible domestic abuse. The Blurry artist was detained in 2002 on comparable charges after witnesses saw him arguing with his ex-fiancée, actress Michelle Rubin.

In Piru, California, the two were allegedly battling by the side of the road. However, police weren’t called until witnesses reportedly saw him squeezing Rubin into a car driven by an unidentified third party.

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