Zaid_Messa66451 on Twitter

Who Is Zaid_Messa66451 On Twitter? A video depicting a cat and a blender that is trending on Twitter has permanently damaged the reputation of social media users.

Terrorized TikTok members are pleading with one another not to publish the incredibly upsetting video.

Many people are also attempting to find the source of the video and the perpetrator of the heinous act to bring them to justice.

Despite the stringent community standards and intolerance for sensitive material, some disturbing photos and videos remain online for hours, sometimes even days, despite flagrantly breaking the rules.

Users are perplexed as to why the video of the cat in the blender has not yet been removed. Let’s get to know who is Zaid_Messa66451 on Twitter.

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Who Is Zaid_Messa66451 On Twitter?

Who Is Zaid_Messa66451 On Twitter? Zaid_Messa66451 is a boy on Twitter who has said that the cat blender has been arrested, and Police are taking action against her horrific crime.

Due to its extremely disturbing nature, we won’t be embedding the aforementioned video or discussing its specifics. However, a video of a cat in a blender is receiving a ton of feedback on Twitter and TikTok.

Although the clip’s origin is unknown, users are determined to have it taken down and hope that whoever committed the inhumane act will be punished appropriately.

Zaid_Messa66451 on Twitter
Zaid_Messa66451 on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

The video not only traumatizes viewers, but many are shocked that it made it onto a site like Twitter despite Twitter’s rigorous policies prohibiting violent or graphic content.

Many online users post videos of their responses to the depressing clip to raise awareness about animal cruelty.

Is The Cat In Blender Still Alive?

Yes, cat blender is still alive, and according to Zaid_Messa66451 on Twitter, police have taken her for this horrible crime.

According to Twitter’s rules, the social media site doesn’t permit media with graphic or violent content.

According to the website, sensitive content includes “anything overly graphic or shares violent or adult content in live video or profile or header photographs.

Additionally prohibited is media that depicts sexual assault or violence against women. The only exclusions allowed are for educational or documentary content.

Zaid_Messa66451 on Twitter
Twitter’s Cat Blender Video Provokes Outrage, Traumatizes Internet. (Source: Know Your Meme)

The cat in a blender video can be reported as inappropriate since it serves no useful function and only transgresses the community standards.

The Twitter team will examine the information and take the necessary action. Select the three dots in the top right corner of the post and then click “Report Tweet” to report the video.

Choose “It’s abusive and harmful” or “It displays a sensitive photo or video” from the drop-down menu as your reason for flagging the content.

Additionally, you can block or mute the user who shared the upsetting content.

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