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People are curious to know more about Sam Bankman Fried’s Parents as he will likely face numerous lawsuits and bankruptcy proceedings.

Samuel Bankman-Fried, abbreviated SBF, is an American entrepreneur, investor, creator, and former CEO of the cryptocurrency exchanges FTX, FTX.US, and Alameda Research.

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In late 2022, FTX had a crisis, which resulted in the collapse of FTX’s native coin, FTT.

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He was the second-largest individual donor to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, donating $5.2 million. He donated $40 million to Democratic candidates during the 2022 United States midterm elections.

Who Are Joseph Bankman And Barbara Fried? Meet Sam Bankman Fried Parents

Barbara Fried, Bankman-mother, Fried’s is a tax specialist whose research focuses on moral philosophy and “issues of distributive justice.” 

She has three Harvard degrees and oversaw a left-wing super PAC that routed millions of dollars to Democrats.

 Sam Bankman Fried Parents
Sam Bankman Fried’s Father Joseph Bankman (Source: Foxnews)

She is a co-founder and Director of Mind the Gap, a clandestine group that raises money for Democratic candidates. Barbara told Vox that Mind the Gap assists donors in deciding where to direct their donations.

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Joseph Bankman, Bankman-father, Fried’s received an undergraduate degree from Berkeley and a law degree from Yale. According to Fortune, he has assisted Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in developing tax legislation.

He’s also a clinical psychologist specializing in “teen and adult anxiety, depression, and adjustment.”

Joseph and his colleagues assisted in developing a system in which citizen tax returns were pre-filled and only required users to make corrections.

The system would shorten the time required to complete tax returns. The program was defeated by one vote in the California House.

Mom and Pops didn’t teach Sam how to wash his hair or tie his shoes, but they did teach him high-society jargon: “utilitarianism,” “effective altruism,” “commitment to the well-being of all people,” 

Sam Bankman Fried Family And Ethnicity Explored: Is He Jewish?

A Jewish family gave birth to a child on the Stanford University campus Bankman-Fried in 1992. His parents are Joseph Bankman and Barbara Fried, two Stanford Law School professors.

GettyImages 1241997402
Sam Bankman Fried during his interview (Source: Foxnews)

Linda P. Fried, his aunt, is the dean of Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. Gabriel Bankman-Fried, his brother, is a former Wall Street trader and the previous Leader of the political action committee and nonprofit organization Guarding Against Pandemics.

Bankman-Fried participated in the Canada/USA Mathcamp, a summer program for academically high school students with talent. He ministered for high school at Crystal Springs Uplands School in Hillsborough, California.

 Bankman-Fried attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 2010 to 2014. He lived in Epsilon Theta, a coeducational group home. In 2014, he received a physics bachelor’s degree with a mathematics minor.

How Much is Sam Bankman Net Worth2024?

Bankman-Fried had a net worth of $26.5 billion, according to Forbes. However, it dropped to over $16 billion—then practically nil in one week in November 2022.

At its height in March, Bankman-Fried was valued $26 billion. Before his empire fell in November 2022, he was one of the wealthiest individuals in crypto, courtesy of his FTX exchange and Alameda Research trading business.

He will most likely be challenging. With massive investor and customer losses, FTX and its founder will likely face numerous lawsuits and bankruptcy proceedings.

He might face criminal charges and the sanctions that come with a conviction due to his massive losses and allegations of fraud and cover-up of significant financial difficulties. 

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