Who Killed J Prince Jr

No, J Prince Jr. was not killed, but it was Take Off! He and many other people present at the murder scene suffered a massive backlash as they were suspected of being involved in killing the famous rapper Takeoff. 

It has been several weeks since his murder news circulated in the media. TakeOff was killed in a fatal shooting after a birthday Party in Houston, Texas.

During that time, MOB Ties CEO Prince was also one of the guests at the private Party, and the aftermath footage was out publically.

With this unpleasant situation happening amongst the mass, the shooter could not be identified, which resulted in TakeOff’s death. 

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Fact Check: Is Mob Ties Founder And CEO J Prince Jr Shot To Death?

J Prince Jr, also known as Jass Prince, is alive and has not been shot to death. At the private Party when the shooting occurred, the famous rapper Take Off was killed, and some were injured.

The Prince Family Faces Backlash For Takeoff Tribute
The Prince Family Faces Backlash For Takeoff Tribute (Source- SOHH)

At the private gathering of around fifty people, the alleged shooter could not be identified, but the Police authority is highly investigating the matter. Since the inquiry has not concluded, no one has been arrested.

Likewise, social media have made different scenarios on the possibilities, and Take Off’s fan base has accused other people present at the Party after analyzing the aftermath clip.

As some people only suffered an injury at the scene and only TakeOff was dead, there has been comment that the gathering was planned for his death.

Who Killed Mob Ties Founder And CEO J Prince Jr? 

Mob Ties Founder and CEO J Prince Jr have been suspected of killing TakeOff. Many people questioned him as the person involved in killing him as he was seen fearless in the clip shot after TakeOff’s demise.

Moreover, the clip from the incident went viral, with fans believing that J Prince walked past Takeoff’s dead body. Also, the viewers criticized him for departing the site while Quavo asked for help.

As it was the birthday of Prince himself, he had invited TakeOff as a part of a private celebration, and even after the shocking incident and death, he did not move forward for help.

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Fans GO OFF On J Prince Jr For Allegedly Leaving Quavo After Takeoff Murder
Fans GO OFF On J Prince Jr For Allegedly Leaving Quavo After Takeoff Murder (Source- The Beat)

TakeOff Murder Suspect J Prince Jr Reddit Update

J Prince Jr has received a long list of comments after the video of the deadly incident was viral. Many people have criticized his wrongdoing in the situation. 

Reddit users have pored the comment with different allegations for him. The statements included that Prince did not care about TakeOff and that his survival chance would have increased if he had been given proper attention automatically.

Additionally, he was mentioned as throwing a Party just as a reason to display his brand and nothing to do with other’s presence and celebration.

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