Who Was Beau Wilson

Who Was Beau Wilson? Wilson potentially played a role in killing three senior citizens during an entirely arbitrary attack.

According to the police, three individuals were tragically killed in a random attack.

The victims were identified as 97-year-old Gwendolyn Schofield and her 73-year-old daughter Melody Ivie, who died immediately after their car was fired upon.

Another victim, 79-year-old Shirley Voita, passed away in the hospital. Deputy Chief Crum stated that while firing indiscriminately, the shooter also hit multiple residences.

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Who Was Beau Wilson?

Beau Wilson, an 18-year-old high school student from New Mexico, has been identified as the gunman responsible for a “purely random” attack that resulted in the deaths of three senior citizens.

Wilson was confronted by Farmington police and fatally shot shortly after 11 am. on Monday. He was a student at Farmington High School, and the incident occurred just before the school’s graduation ceremonies.

In addition to the fatal shootings, Wilson also injured six other individuals. He was armed with three weapons, including an AR-15-style rifle, and wounded two police officers before being killed by law enforcement.

Farmington High School student Beau Wilson, 18, identified as the shooter in a New Mexico attack
Farmington High School student Beau Wilson, 18, was identified as the shooter in a New Mexico attack (Image Source: Daily Mail)

According to Deputy Police Chief Kyle Dowdy, a doorbell camera recorded the initial shots believed to be fired by Wilson at 10:56 am.

This occurred just a minute before Farmington police officers were dispatched to the Ute Street and Dustin Avenue area.

The officers arrived at 11:02 a.m. and encountered Wilson actively firing. The confrontation resulted in Wilson being shot and taken down by 11:06 a.m.

During the incident, an officer was shot nearly simultaneously with the suspect.

Deputy Police Chief Kyle Dowdy stated that Wilson had legally acquired one of the weapons used in the shooting in November. Additionally, Wilson obtained another weapon from a family member in the incident.

According to Deputy Police Chief Kyle Dowdy, family members informed the police that Wilson may have been dealing with mental health problems.

Mr. Dowdy strongly condemned the extreme violence and brutality the victims experienced, emphasizing that the three older women were defenseless and innocent. 

New Mexico Shooter Beau Wilson Obituary And Death

Beau Wilson, the shooter responsible for the attack in New Mexico, was fatally shot by Farmington police officers during the incident.

After Wilson opened fire on officers, they responded using lethal force, resulting in his death.

Farmington Deputy Police Chief Kyle Dowdy stated that law enforcement is still actively searching for a definitive motive behind the shooting. They are also investigating how Wilson acquired the firearms used in the incident.

During a prayer vigil at Hills Church in Farmington, community members sing together.
During a prayer vigil at Hills Church in Farmington, community members sing together. (Image Source: NBC News)

A friend of the shooter expressed a mix of surprise and expectation regarding the incident, stating that while he anticipated Wilson would engage in harmful actions, he did not predict the severity of the act. 

A couple of years ago, during a Halloween sleepover, the 16-year-old friend of the shooter recalled waking up to the sound of Wilson conversing with imaginary individuals.

The teenager shared his confusion about the situation and expressed concern for Wilson’s well-being. Wilson acknowledged the presence of these voices and described their impact on him.

The friend described Wilson as respectful and protective towards those he cared about but found it challenging to connect with new people.

They had been discussing the sale of Wilson’s Xbox via messages last week, but Wilson has since deleted all those messages.

It indicates that Wilson may have been dealing with a mental illness, but the exact motive behind his actions remains unknown.

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