Gary Green Wife

Gary Green wife, Lovetta Armtead, was murdered fourteen years ago, and Green got arrested following the ****** and was executed on Tuesday. 

Gary Green, a 51-year-old man, was executed in Texas on Tuesday evening for the ****** of his wife and 6-year-old daughter in 2009. 

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Green confessed to the killings and got convicted in 2010. Despite concerns about his intellectual disability and mental illness, he was executed.

After the news had been discovered of Green being executed, people took an interest in learning more about him, his wife, and his daughter. 

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Who Was Gary Green Wife, Lovetta Armstead?

Lovetta Armsetead and Gary were married for a long time, and people got to learn about them after the ****** case became public.

Gary confessed that he discovered his wife wanted annual their marriage a year ago before killing his wife and their daughter. 

Lovetta Armstead and her three children, Jazzmen, Jarrett and Jerome in 2009.
Lovetta Armstead and her three children, Jazzmen, Jarrett, and Jerome, in 2009. (Image Source: Connecticut Post)

They were an ordinary family, living a great life together. Gary said he did not know why she wanted to annul their marriage. 

The couple was happy together before the husband knew about ending their relationship; he loved her and did not want to end the marriage.

But unfortunately, while fighting, he killed his wife and daughter in anger and confessed to the Police. 

His final statement before he died on Tuesday was, “I took not one, but two people that we all loved, and I had to live with that while I was here. I ask that you forgive me, not for me but for all.

He added, “I’m fixing to go home, and you all will be here. I want to make sure you don’t suffer. You have to forgive me for healing and moving on,” 

Husband Kills His Daughter After Stabbing His Wife

Green, now 51 years old, was found guilty of the ****** of his wife, Lovetta Armstead, and her 6-year-old daughter, Jazzmen Montgomery, in 2010.

The crime had occurred the year before after Green had discovered that his wife wished to end their marriage.

Green stabbed Armstead to ***** and drowned Montgomery in a bathtub. Green later turned himself into the Police and admitted to committing the murders.

The couple had three children together, including Jerrett, 9, and Jerome, 12, who were also targeted in the ****** attempt by Green, but they managed to survive.

After trying to kill all five-member, he attempted suicide by consuming a large amount of medicine, but he survived. 

Green couldn’t take the guilt of killing his daughter and wife, so he went the next day to confess the ******. 

Six-year-old Jazzmen Montgomery next to her father, Ray Montgomery, in 2009.
Six-year-old Jazzmen Montgomery next to her Father, Ray Montgomery, in 2009. (Image Source: The Mirror)

 Before the ******, he went to a psychiatric hospital in Dallas as he was not doing good with his mental health. 

A day before the ******, he was with the psychiatrist for follow-up; it was clear that he was not in proper mental health when he tried killing everyone along with him. 

Although he was not mentally stable, he was set to have the ***** penalty.

Ray Montgomery, the Father of Jazzmen and a witness to the execution, stated that he saw his ***** as the justice system took its course.

“It’s justice for the way my daughter was tortured. It’s justice for the way that Lovetta was murdered,” said Lovetta’s Father, Ray.

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