Nhizza Romero

Nhizza Romero was a young woman based in Cudahy who went missing on November 2022. And her family is currently seeking justice for Nhizza, who never returned home. 

Nhizza Romero was a beautiful young woman who went missing on November 19. This case is being viral on social media as her parents constantly seek justice for their daughter. 

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As per her Facebook bio, Romero went to a rave in the city of San Bernardino Dreamstation. And her mother later found her dead but never knew how she died. 

As explained by her mother, Romero was an intelligent woman, a rational person with sharp critical thinking. And knowing about the incident, she died by jumping from the running vehicle a man ( her friend) was driving.

Unfortunately, the police also didn’t focus on the case and gave their best as the man was questioned a few times and let go, but no proper investigation was done afterward. 

Who Was Nhizza Romero?

Nhizza Romero was a resident of Apple Valley, California, and she was a student at Victor Valley College. Her name is constantly popping up on the internet sources as her ***** cause is still confidential, and her family is yet seeking justice. 

Nhizza Romero
Nhizza Romero’s parents seek justice for her. (Source: Instagram)

So, while searching for her, she was a bright and intelligent woman who was survived by her family. She went missing on November 19 and never returned home. 

Romero was friendly and helpful natured loved hanging out with her friends and family, but unfortunately, she left everyone very soon, and her parents are still going through significant trauma. 

The ***** of Nhizza is a mystery, and still, no proper stands have been taken against which is the most saddening thing. So this creates harsher for her parents, especially for her mother, who ran away to help find her alive that day. 

Nhizza Romero ***** And Obituary

Nhizza Romero was declared dead on Sunday, November 20. The moment her mother realized she knew her was an intense moment for her as she hoped to find her alive and safe. 

Romero’s dead body was found the next day she went missing, and the tragic ***** of such a beautiful child hurt her mother.

Similalry, Nhizza’s funeral was held on December 5, 2022. And her parents decided to keep it private. Her family and loved ones attended the funeral and prayed for her lost soul. 

Nhizza Romero
Nhizza Romero’s parents paid tribute to her. (Source: Facebook)

People from various countries are also showing condolence to Nhizza’s family, and they are showing support for her family, who is fighting for their daughter’s rights and justice.  

We can see various posts on Nhizza Romero’s Facebook account where her parents have posted about the incident and asked the support from the people. 

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How Did Nhizza Romero Die?

Nhizza Romero died in a mysterious accident. This is yet to be clear how the car accident happened and what exactly happened between the man and who was driving the car. 

She left the house on November 19 and met a man, reportedly in his 40s, who assured her parents that she was safe with him and was a gentleman. 

But instead of driving Romero home, he left her in the dark to die. Nhizza’s mom got a call from the man who informed her that she had gone off on him and warned him to jump from the moving vehicle. 

Nhizza Romero
Nhizza Romero was last seen alive with the man, whose details are unidentified. (Source: Facebook)

So, Nhizza’s mother immediately left the House and searched for her. She went to every possible place to find her and asked everyone about her describing her appearance and details. 

She tried to keep in touch with the man and called her daughter but didn’t find her that day. Romero’s mother also filed a missing case for her daughter. 

The next day she decided to head home with a heavy heart. Then she noticed some officers looking down the bridge at the location where Nhizza’s gotten out of the car the night. 

Later the police investigators declared the body was of Nhizza. So, no details were released about how she died, as the man never answered the question.

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