Zac Barnes Brother

Zac Barnes brother Liam Barnes took his own life four years after he went missing. There is no word to describe the pain of the Barnes brothers’ parents as they lost their sons.

Zac Barnes was a teenager who mysteriously disappeared from his hometown in New South Wales, Hunter Valley.

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He was a young man with a passion for the future and had a loving family, including his supportive parents and an adorable younger brother.

But a tragedy struck on 13 November 2013 when Zac vanished into thin air. While his family was desperately searching for him, the sudden ***** of his brother shocked the world.

Let’s get to know who was Zac Barnes’ brother, Liam Barnes, in today’s short article.

Who Was Zac Barnes Brother Liam Barnes? Age Gap And Family

Liam Barnes was the younger brother of Zac Barnes, a teenager who mysteriously vanished from his hometown on 13 November 2016.

Sadly, Liam Barnes died by suicide four years later, leaving his parents,  Michael Gudelj and Karen Gudelj, heartbroken and shattered.

Zac Barnes Brother
Zac Barnes and his younger brother, Liam Barnes, were born only three years apart. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Liam Barnes was 19 years old when he took his own life in October 2020. The younger Barnes was 15 when his older brother disappeared.

Zac Barnes was 18 when he went missing. He was last spotted jumping out of a car and running into bushland near Thornton, in Newcastle. He has not been seen or heard from since then.

The age gap between Zac and Liam Barnes was about three years. They were both described as happy-go-lucky larrikins who could win anybody over.

Their family is still searching for answers about Zac’s disappearance and hoping for a coronial inquest to shed some light on the case.

It is unclear why Liam committed suicide. But many people wonder if it was because of his elder brother’s disappearance.

Zac Barnes’s parents are determined to know what happened to him and are still searching for him.

Tragically, Zac’s younger brother died without knowing what happened to him, without ever seeing him again. Liam died without fulfilling his dreams; he died without saying goodbye.

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Zac Barnes And Liam Barnes Parents Were Devastated And Shattered

The Barnes brothers’ parents announced Liam’s ***** news with shattered hearts and complete disbelief in 2020. They wrote, “We lost Zac’s little brother Liam to suicide.”

“There are no words to describe the pain of losing two boys so young, within four years,” the heartbroken parents added.

At the time, the Barnes brothers’ mother, Karen Gudelj, said, “Now is more than ever; we need answers so that we can lay our boys to rest together.”

Zac Barnes Brother
Zac Barnes parents are still determined to find out what happened to him. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

An inquest into the disappearance and presumed ***** of Hunter adolescents Zac Barnes has a date set nearly seven years after he vanished.

On 13 November 2016, the then-18-year-old asked pals to drop him off at Thornton Railway Station, but before they arrived, Zac requested them to stop at the Tripp Close and Haussman Drive intersection.

He exited, and his last known location was near bushland. At the time of Zac’s disappearance, a thorough search of the area was done, but he was never found.

Since then, Zac’s family and the police have issued numerous public pleas for information.

The inquest will take place this year, and a date has been chosen for Monday, 17 July, for three days.

The inquest will be overseen by Deputy State Coroner Carmel Forbes, who will thereafter issue recommendations.

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