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Why did Carl Azuz leave CNN 10? People are interested in learning why and hope he returns to the show. 

Azuz is a journalist and news anchor best known for his work as the anchor of CNN 10, formerly known as CNN Student News. 

Azuz attended the University of Georgia and earned a degree in telecommunications arts production.

Carl began his career as a freelance reporter and producer for CNN before becoming the anchor of CNN Student News in 2006.

The former host of CNN has also received awards for his work as a journalist, including a Peabody Award in 2014 for CNN’s coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis.

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Why Did Carl Azuz Leave CNN 10? 

Carl Azuz did not return to host CNN 10’s new season in 2022; instead, Coy Wire took over.

Azuz then spoke up about his departure, thanking fans for their support during his time on the show after being absent for a long time. 

Many fans have expressed disappointment on his social media pages and miss seeing him on the program.

Coy Wire continues to host the show, and fans eagerly await to see if Azuz will return to his hosting duties.

CNN sports anchor and correspondent Coy Wire has taken over as the new host, and while he didn’t mention Azuz’s departure in the first episode, he welcomed viewers to the new season.

Wire has continued to host subsequent episodes, and while some fans have praised his performance, others are curious about Azuz’s absence and what led to his departure.

There seems to be a lot of anticipation among viewers for Azuz to return to CNN 10, and it appears Azuz himself misses being the anchor on the show.

In a video posted on TikTok, Carl Azuz thanked his fans for their concern and assured them he was okay.

Carl Azuz took Tiktok to share his expression about leaving CNN after 14 years.
Carl Azuz took Tiktok to share his expression about leaving CNN after 14 years. (Image Source: Twitter)

He also revealed that he would no longer be a part of CNN 10, where he had previously hosted the show.

Although he did not explain his departure, Azuz expressed his gratitude for the opportunities he had been given during his time on the show.

He spoke fondly about how the program had been a tremendous blessing for him, and he appreciated the support and loyalty of the viewers who had made it all possible.

What Happened To Carl Azuz Him?

Carl was known for his enthusiasm and puns, and Azuz has been a favorite among students and teachers alike. 

When news broke about Azuz’s departure from CNN 10, fans became concerned about his well-being, wondering if he was okay.

However, Azuz has assured his fans that he is doing fine and thanked them for their support.

Fans' concern about Azuz's well-being may be due to his sudden departure from the popular CNN 10 show.
Fans’ concern about Azuz’s well-being may be due to his sudden departure from the popular CNN 10 show. (Image Source: The US Sun)

He seems to be living a healthy life, but fans have expressed disappointment and worry about his departure from the show.

Some followers of his took to social media to express their concern, with many wondering if Azuz was okay.

For many teachers, Azuz is a “classroom staple,” with some even comparing him to a father figure or Mr. Rogers.

Students have expressed their disappointment and worry about his departure, with some feeling “shattered” and “devastated.”

CNN officially announced his departure on September 18th, stating in the show’s newsletter that he had left due to a “personal decision.”

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