Why Was Al B. Sure In A Coma

Why was Al B. Sure in a coma? On Wednesday, the singer opens up about his health condition after being in a coma for two months.

Al B. Sure, aka Albert Joseph Brown III, is an American singer, songwriter, and radio host, who pass out in a coma after almost two months.

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Doctors were out of hope after he continued being in a coma; after almost being near *****, he is finally recovering.

After doing a lost amount of surgery, he has done with his first interview after being in a coma.

Hopefully, we will see his new project or solo album soon. Stay with us to know the health updates of the singer.

Why Was Al B. Sure In A Coma?

Brown shared the reason behind being in a coma for two months, which was due to “accumulated excessive fluid in my lungs, fungal pneumonia, became septic had lymph nodes removed.”

Al B. Sure is out from coma, he shared a picture of him doing his first physical therapy in hospital.
Al B. Sure is out from a coma and shared a picture of him doing his first physical therapy in the hospital. (Image Source: Moguldom)

Suddenly he fell over while working in the studio, and he was taken to the hospital rest is the history; many operations went on to get him out of a coma.

Brown shared that he only remembered being in a wheelchair behind his brother for some time and did not remember anything in those two months.

Every body part of his was somehow not working, he did a lot of operations to make it work, and he revealed he had new liver and would treat it well.

Everything that took him two months of coma was because he did not take proper care of his health and had unhealthy eating habits.

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What Happened To Al B. Sure- Illness And Health Update

The singer is in his recovery stage; for two months, he was in a coma and spent whole months at the hospital.

He does not remember a thing in these two months, but after being recovered and when he appeared in his first interview after being rescued, he said he went to many operations.

Organ transplants, blood transfusions, and extensive surgeries, and he had to have lymph nodes removed when he was in a coma.

Also, he has the recipient of a new liver; every part of his body was numb and damaged during those two months.

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Doctors were about to lose hope during the process, but it was a life-changing experience for the patient and doctors.

But currently, he is living a healthy life, but he should take care of himself very carefully and thoughtfully.

Al B. at his recovering phase after being in a coma for two months.
Al B. at his recovery phase after being in a coma for two months. (Image Source: YouTube)

The singer revealed that he has been writing a book titled From Mt. Vernon to the Moon and Back. 

Many of his concerned fans have guessed that the book is about his experience after coming out of a coma.

Brown is also working on a new song; everyone is happy to have him back in the music industry.

Brown III is Father of three children; he is blessed to be back with his family. And his family is happy to bring and back.

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