Zenaida Angping Husband

Zenaida Angping Husband got arrested last week; what was the reason behind his arrest?

Harry Angping is a Filipino politician who is a former chairman of the Philippine Sports Commission and a former member of the House of Representatives of the Philippines. 

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The Filipino politician served in the House of Representatives from 1998 to 2004 and became the former chairman. 

Harry is also known as the husband of Secretary of the Presidential Management Staff, Zenaida Angping. 

People have come to know about Harry after the news about his arrest has been going on back to back since last week. 

Why Was Zenaida Angping Husband, Harry Angping, Arrested?

Zenaida Angping Husband, Harry Angping, was arrested by the Bangkok Police for sexual harassment of hotel staff at the Marriott Marquis Queens Hotel.

The top members of his delegation were booked in the five-star hotel for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) from November 16 to 19.

The incident occurred when every member was in the hotel, and it was a shame to find out that he was in the hotel for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation. 

There has only been specific information about the arrest; they have not shared much publicly. 

It was clear that he had been arrested from Bangkok and had been with Bangkok during the investigation. 

Dirty Harry Ex-Manila Cong Angping reportedly arrested for sexual harassment.
Dirty Harry? Ex-Manila Cong Angping was reportedly arrested for sexual harassment. (Image Source: POLITIKO)

Hopefully, he will be charged for what he has done to the women from the hotel, and the news about his charges will come public soon. 

After the arrested, Zenaida appeared in Bangkok for her husband; she has been fighting after the incident. 

The incident happened to be in the middle of a high-powered summit of global leaders, which is unacceptable. 

He has also been arrested before; he was barred from leaving the country after being charged with graft for hiring 71 janitors and nine gardeners without permission. 

Additionally, he has been arrested twice and will not get released with the case happening soon. 

Zenaida Angping Family Details 

Talking about a family of Zenaida Angping was born to her parents in Manila, Philippines. 

And her parents are living in the hometown of Imelda Romualdez Marcos; she does not live near her family anymore. 

But still, she does have a good bond with everyone, her parents always supported her with her career path, and they often visit her. 

Much information about her parents has not been disclosed yet; she has always respected her parent’s privacy. 

Besides her parents, she has a husband and two children in her family now. She is married to Harry Angping.

The one who has been arrested at present for doing illegal work has always had a great relationship with his family. 

The couple has shared two children; they were high school sweethearts. They have kept their children’s information away from the public since the birth. 

Zenaida has always been a private person; she keeps her personal life away from her professional life.

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Net Worth of Presidential Management Staff Secretary Zenaida Angping 2024

There needs to be clear information, but with our calculation, the net worth of Zenaida Angping is between $1 million -$3 million. 

The base salary of Presidential Management Staff is $50,496 per year, which is a significant amount. 

Zenaida Angping with House of Representatives Member.
Zenaida Angping with House of Representatives Member. (Image Source: Twitter)

Her primary source of income at the present day is her job as a Presidential Management Stadd Secretary. 

Also, she might have other sources of income like business, partnerships, and investments. 

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