Wilfredo Gonzales Viral Video

Wilfredo Gonzales viral video and meme has taken the internet by storm. Learn more about it below.

A viral video shows an angry bald man threatening an unarmed cyclist, pulling out and pointing his gun.

The social media is flooded with memes and videos of the man who has been identified as Wilfredo Gonzales, a retired policeman from Quezon City, Philippines.

Here is everything we know about the incident.

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Wilfredo Gonzales Viral Video

The viral video and meme of Wilfredo Gonzales are related to an incident that happened in Quezon City, Philippines, where he threatened a cyclist with a gun after a road rage dispute.

Wilfredo Gonzales Viral Video
Wilfredo Gonzales physically assaulted the cyclist. (Image Source: YouTube)

He became the subject of a viral video and a meme after he threatened a cyclist with a gun following a road rage incident.

The video of the confrontation was captured by a bystander and uploaded on social media, which sparked public outrage and condemnation.

The incident reportedly occurred on Saturday, August 26, 2023, along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City.

According to the cyclist, whose name is Mark Anthony Balagtas, he was riding his bike when Gonzales cut him off with his car.

We can see Mark tried to avoid the collision, but Gonzales stopped his vehicle and pointed a gun at him.

A witness to the incident captured the video and shared it on social media, where it soon went viral and received millions of views.

Many netizens were outraged and disgusted by Gonzales’ behavior, and they demanded justice for Balagtas.

Some celebrities joined the online protest, like actor Gardo Versoza, who wrote on Instagram that Gonzales should be imprisoned and barred from driving.

On Sunday, August 27, 2023, Gonzales surrendered to authorities, and his license to own and possess weapons was revoked.

The Land Transportation Office on August 28 announced a 90-day preventive suspension of Gonzales’ driving privileges.

Vigor Mendoza II, Chief Assistant Secretary of the LTO, stated that due process must still be followed when evaluating if Gonzales’ driving privileges should be revoked.

Mendoza stated in a statement that the conclusion of the investigation will determine if his license will be permanently revoked.

Also, the red car seen in the viral clip is reportedly not registered under Gonzales’ name.

Wilfredo Gonzales Meme And TikTok Explained

Wilfredo Gonzales’ meme is a parody of TikTok’s “21st Century Humor” trend.

Wilfredo Gonzales Viral Video
Many TikTok users have shared the meme, editing the original video with their own jokes and twists. (Image Source: TikTok)

The video editing technique incorporates random and chaotic features such as superimposed memes, distorted audio, and illogical captions.

The meme style is intended to convey absurdity and confusion, as well as to satirize the current status of the world.

Gonzales’ meme includes snippets from the viral video, different references, internet slang, and Filipino comedy.

Many TikTok users have shared the meme, adding their own twists and humor to the original video.

An edited video shows Gonzales holding a guitar instead of a gun while the music of the Suono originale – Federico Cartello – plays in the background.

The caption reads, “Dismissed policeman Wilfredo Gonzales didn’t have a gun. He just played guitar while the cyclist watched. That’s why the retired policeman said vloggers shouldn’t judge him immediately.”

The TikTok user didn’t forget to add two laughing emojis.

Furthermore, Gonzales said in a press briefing on Sunday, August 27, that social media users portrayed him as a bad guy.

Wilfredo Gonzales claimed he settled with the cyclist, but reports say he threatened him.

The dismissed policeman had a history of misconduct and demotion and was forced to retire early.

He also worked for the Supreme Court but was fired after the incident.

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