William Stobart Wife

William Stobart’s wife, Helen Cleasby, has maintained a private life away from the public eye.

William Stobart is a prominent figure in the logistics and transportation industry. 

As the Deputy Group CEO of Culina Group, which is the owner of the Eddie Stobart Group, Stobart has played a significant role in shaping the success and growth of these companies. 

Born in Cumberland, England, in November 1961, he hails from a family deeply involved in the transportation business. 

In this article, we will delve into the personal aspect of William Stobart’s life, specifically focusing on his ex-wife, Helen Cleasby, their divorce, and their number of children.

William Stobart Wife: Who Is Helen Cleasby? 

Helen Cleasby, the former wife of William Stobart, is a private individual who has managed to keep a low public profile.

As a key figure in the transportation industry, William Stobart’s expertise and leadership have made a lasting impact. (Source: alchetron.com)

Consequently, there needs to be more information available about her personal and professional background. It is common for individuals not involved in the public eye or the business world to have a limited online presence or public documentation of their lives.

Given the need for more information about Helen Cleasby, it is challenging to provide specific details regarding her background, career, or interests. She may have chosen to maintain her privacy and keep her personal life away from the public spotlight. 

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As a result, there is little available information to shed light on her life or provide insights into her relationship with William Stobart.

William Stobart Divorce With Helen Cleasby

William Stobart and Helen Cleasby decided to part ways at a certain point in their marriage. 

The reasons for their divorce and the circumstances that led to their decision to end their marriage remain private. As individuals who value their privacy, it is understandable that the specifics of their divorce have not been widely shared.

Like any divorce, the separation likely involved a complex and emotional process for William Stobart and Helen Cleasby. Divorces can be challenging for all parties involved, and it is crucial to respect their privacy during this difficult time. 

While the divorce may have marked the end of their marital relationship, both individuals have continued with their lives and pursued their respective paths.

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The focus should remain on William Stobart’s professional achievements and contributions to the transportation industry, as these aspects have garnered significant attention and recognition.

How Many Kids Does William Stobart Have?

William Stobart and Helen Cleasby have two kids together. Their son, Edward, known as Edd, is one of their children. 

Edd Stobart also joined the family business led by his father, William Stobart, who serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the Stobart Group. (Source: autotrader.co.za)

While information about Edward Stobart is limited, it can be assumed that he is part of the Stobart family legacy, inheriting the passion and dedication to the transportation industry.

April Stobart is the second child of William Stobart and Helen Cleasby. As with Edward, only a little information is publicly available about April Stobart. 

However, it is reasonable to assume that Edward and April were brought up in an environment strongly influenced by their family’s involvement in the transportation business.

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While their marriage may have ended, their shared role as parents has likely remained an important aspect of their lives.

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