Willy Valades wikipedia

Willy Valades wikipedia: find out all the known facts about the fraudster sports journalist from COPE, who pocketed thousands of euros faking terminal cancer.

Willy Valades, a Spanish radio reporter, allegedly faked a terminal illness to steal money from his co-workers. Guillermo Valades, also known as Willy, reportedly asked for donations to treat a made-up terminal cancer.

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The radio journalist is believed to have told his workmates that his treatment could only be cured with costly therapy. He reportedly begged for help, saying he couldn’t afford the treatment.

The reporter’s co-workers joined together and raised hundreds of thousands of euros.

But when they asked for an update on the treatment at the clinic where Willy was supposed to be getting therapy, the health center informed them that Valades was not their patient.

Learn more about Will Valades in detail in today’s short piece.

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Willy Valades Wikipedia And Edad: How Old Is The Journalist

Willy Valades was born in 1968. Thus as of 2024, the sports journalist is 56 years old.

Willy has been a fixture in Paco Gonzalez’s team since his time at the SER network. His parents live in Madrid. Moreover, the sports reporter is unmarried.

The alleged scammer told his teammates over a year ago that he had terminal cancer, which could only be treated with expensive therapy.

Willy Valades wikipedia
The alleged fraudster journalist Willy Valades worked as a fixture in Paco Gonzalez’s team. (Image Source: Marca)

In response, the COPE chain team created a fund named “premiums” to cover the cost of the therapy at the Clinica Universitaria de Navarra every month.

Willy Valades Scammed Thousands Of Euros

As mentioned above, Willy Valades begged his workmates to help him. His colleagues, including Paco Gonzalez, joined hands and raised thousands of euros for his treatment.

As per the reports, the sports reporter told his donors that the therapy costs over 10K euros ($10,783) per month. Valades’ scam was uncovered when the clinic confirmed to the COPE chain that Valadés was not receiving treatment there.

As El Confidencial reported, Valadés acknowledged not receiving any treatment. Following the shocking news, some of Willy’s co-workers confronted him. However, the alleged scammer responded with threats against them.

The renowned sports journalist and commentator Paco Gonzalez said that he had nothing to say about the issue, which has impacted one of the best-known sports journalism programs.

The alleged con artist no longer came to work but has been seen visiting his parents in Madrid.

Fraudster Journalist Willy Valades Owed Money To His Ex-Girlfriend

El Mundo reported that the fraudster journalist from COPE had a woman in his life. Valades had a sentimental relationship with Carmen for over eight years.

Willy’s family disclosed a terror he experienced during the relationship. Carmen’s family claimed that the journalist owed 27,000 euros ($29114.91) to her. Willy Valades’ ex-girlfriend died in 2017 after suffering from breast cancer.

The former pair met in 2000. Their bond evolved to the point of buying a house near the Santiago Bernabeu. But shortly after they began living together, Valades’ attitude reportedly changed, and his feelings turned cold.

He began to get involved with other women. Unfortunately, Carmen was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2008. The young lady’s family said that Willy dedicated himself to making her life miserable. He harassed her like a spiteful boyfriend.

After Carmen’s demise in May 2017, her cousin began a judicial war against the sports journalist so that he would return everything he owed to his late ex-girlfriend since the time he stopped paying the mortgage on their apartment.

The attempts, however, were unsuccessful, and the journalist continues to owe the family 27,000 euros.

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