Wizkid Wife

Who is Wizkid wife? The prominent Nigerian singer has dated several famous women, including Tania Omotayo. But is he officially married?

Wizkid, whose real name is Ayo Balogun, is a renowned Nigerian singer and songwriter.

He is one of the most influential African artists of all time, transcending genres from Afro-beats to reggae, dancehall, R&B, hip-hop, and pop music.

He secured his place in the music industry with a remarkable career, including collaborations with international superstars such as Drake, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Normani, and Calvin Harris.

Notably, in 2020, Wizkid clinched a Grammy Award for Best Music Video, solidifying his position as a global sensation.

Beyond his musical achievements, fans have often wondered about his personal life, particularly his marital status and love life, which we explore in this article.

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Wizkid Wife: Is The Singer Married To Tania Omotayo?

No. The Nigerian singer Wizkid is not married to Tania Omotayo. In contrast, the musician is married to his manager, Jada P.

Wizkid wife
The Nigerian-Austrian model and entrepreneur Tania Omotayo is not Wizkid wife. (Image Source: Daily Trust)

Wizkid’s romantic history includes a notable relationship with Tania Omotayo, an accomplished Nigerian-Austrian model, entrepreneur, author, actress, and reality TV star.

The duo shared a close bond for approximately six years before parting ways in 2016. Many people still wonder what happened between them.

The details about the reason for their break up have not been revealed. However, they shared a deep connection once.

When asked about her happiness during the six-year relationship, the model admitted to media scrutiny and spotlight challenges.

Despite the difficulties, her answer was affirmative. However, time has passed, and both Wizkid and Tania have moved on, each navigating their separate paths in life.

Wizkid Is Married To His Manager, Jada P

In November 2022, Wizkid confirmed his marriage to Jada Pollock, his international manager and the mother of his two children.

Known as Jada P, she played a pivotal role in Wizkid’s life.

During an interview with GQ France, the prominent songwriter indirectly acknowledged his marriage when the interviewer referred to Jada P as his wife during a photoshoot.

Wizkid Wife
Wizkid with his wife, Jada P, and their son, Zion. (Image Source: Novic2star)

Interestingly, Wizkid didn’t correct the interviewer, giving credence to the persistent rumors about their secret marriage.

In addition to her role as Wizkid wife, Jada P is an American entrepreneur, music executive, media entrepreneur, and talent manager who is well-acclaimed for her work with prominent stars.

How Many Kids Does Wizkid Have?

The “Holla at Your Boy” singer proudly wears the hat of a father to four children. His first two children were born to different partners, the first in 2011 and the second in 2016.

With Jada P, he welcomed two sons into the world. In October 2017, they celebrated the birth of their first son, Zion-Ayo Balogun, after his father.

Later, in October 2022, the Balogun-Pollock couple welcomed their youngest son, although the Nigerian singer didn’t make an official announcement.

Instead, his third baby mama, Jada P, shared a heartwarming picture of herself cradling the newborn on her Instagram.

In conclusion, the personal life of a superstar like Wizkid often captivates the imagination of fans and the media.

With his confirmation of marriage to Jada P and his role as a father to four children, Wizkid’s personal life is indeed a subject of interest.

While his past relationship with Tania Omotayo was a significant chapter, it is clear that he has embraced new beginnings and continues to make music that resonates with audiences worldwide.

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