Woah Vicky Sister

Who is Woah Vicky sister? People are curious about her family and personal details after the model is called out for spreading the death news of the young internet personality Lil Tay.

Victoria Rose Waldrip, a.k.a Woah Vicky, is an American Instagram personality, model, and rapper. She rose to prominence in 2017 after her videos went viral on Instagram and Tiktok reels.

The word ” Nigger” in her videos became the medium for most people to notice her, and her claim that she is Black reinforced people’s interest in her activities.

Twenty-three years old Vicky has a huge fan following on her Instagram with about 3.7 M followers.

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Who Is Woah Vicky Sister Stephanie Waldrip? Age Gap

Vicky was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. She is the only daughter and does not have any full siblings. 

However, Vicky has an older half-sister Stephanie Wandrip London from her paternal side, and the sisters have a thirteen-year gap.

Stephanie is the first daughter of Vicky’s father and her Colombian mother, and she grew up in her aunt’s house. Since her earlier days, Stephanie had a keen interest in fashion.

Thus, after she graduated from Gainesville High School, she entered Savannah College of Art and Design, where she got exposure to the fashion trends in the industry.

After she completed her study, along with her friends Gavin Brooks, Stephanie founded an apparel designing company, Waldrip, in 2011. 

In her Linkedin Profile, Stephanie Wandrip London’s professional career is traced from working as Intern at BPCM, then as Design Assistant at Frank Tell. 

Woah Vicky Sister
Woah Vicky’s sister Stephanie Waldrip London is a popular fashion designer. (Source: Alicia)

Now, Stephanie serves as a Designer at the Waldrip in the greater New York City Area. She has worked with celebrities and models, including Gigi Hadid and Lady Gaga.

Several fashion icons love her dress style and fashion. For the incredible work of Stephanie in fashion work, Elle included her in the list of top 10 young designers.

Vicky’s sister Stephanie resides in New York with her husband Blake London, a financial expert, daughter Lola, and her second kid.

There is no obvious answer about the sibling bond between Woah Vicky and her sister Stephanie as they are barely seen spending their leisure time together.

Woah, Vicky Parents And Family Details

The Instagram star Woah Vicky was born on March 7, 2000, as Victoria Rose Waldrip to her father, Steve Waldrip, and mother, Clara Johnson.

Vicky’s parents are never married officially, and after the birth of Victoria, they separated ways, and her father brought her up. 

Vicky’s father, Steve, is the founder of Homes by Steve Waldrip, and he is the head of the real estate firm of the company up to now.

Woah Vicky Sister
Woah Vicky’s parents separated when she was small, now she is with her father. (Source: Everipedia)

Vicky is the sweet and lovely daughter of her father. In contrast, she is not close with her mother, Clara. Vicky often mentioned that she could not share her bonding with her mother as they lived separately for many years.

Now, Woah Vicky’s mother, Clara, lives in Kennesaw, Georgia, and is in a relationship with a man named Steven Solomon.

About the partner and boyfriend of Model Woah Vicky, it seems like she is single at the moment. Before this, she was in a relationship with musical artist John Gabbana.

Woah Vicky Sister
Woah Vicky and her ex-boyfriend John Gabbana. (Source: Dreddsinfo)

The couple made their relationship public through Instagram posts in January 2022. However, they split up for fidelity from John’s side.

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