Wout Weghorst tattoo

Wout Weghorst tattoos: Manchester United striker has several tattoos on his left arm. In addition, each design has a special meaning. Find out more in regard below.

Wout Weghorst is an accomplished professional footballer from Borne, Netherlands. The Dutch soccer player currently serves as the striker for Manchester United, on loan from Burnley.

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The 31-year-old is also a Netherlands national football team member. Wout hails from a family with a rich heritage.

At first, none of the athlete’s family believed he would make it this far in football because he wasn’t that good at it. Despite it all, his parents continued to support his dream. Now, his family must be incredibly proud of him.

Many of Wout’s fans are eager to learn more about his tattoos. Thus, today’s article revolves around the skilled footballer’s tattoos and their meaning. Explore more below.

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Wout Weghorst Tattoos: Meaning And Design

Manchester United striker Wout Weghorst’s left arm has several tattoo designs. While the precise numbers of the design are unknown, each of them has its special meaning.

Wout Weghorst tattoo
Wout Weghorst’s left arm is covered with different tattoo designs. (Image Source: Instagram))

The striker has floral artwork and a passage from the Bible on his upper arm. According to Life Bogger, Weghorst once spoke about the meaning of his tattoos.

He said the designs remind him of the steps he has made in his life and career. “They are the story of my life,” stated the 31-year-old.

Moreover, Weghorst’s tattoos are not only about football and his career. He has dedicated tattoos for each of his family members; mom, dad, brother, wife, and daughters.

Additionally, Wout has another design on his inner lower left arm. The design appears to be the picture of Jesus.

Nonetheless, Wout Weghorst has several tattoos on his left arm, honoring everything important to him and the people he cares about.

Wout Weghorst Family Background, Parents And Upbringings

On 7 August 1992, Wout Weghorst was born to his mother, Astrid Weghorst and father, Frans Weghorst.

The Borne native is one of four sons and the third son of his parents.

Weghorst’s brothers are, Niek, Twan, and Ralf Weghorst. Twan is the eldest among them, and Ralf is the second oldest. Likewise, Niek is the youngest of the Weghorst brothers.

The athlete grew up in a wealthy household, reportedly among the richest families in his homeland. Wout’s parents are involved in the oil and gas business, Avia.

Wout Weghorst tattoo
Wout Weghorst has three brothers. (Image Source: Instagram)

According to reports, several generations of the Weghorst family have been involved in the business, and it has 130 petrol stations in the Netherlands.

Wout Weghorst Parents Asked Him To Rethink About His Career Choice

As mentioned earlier, Wout’s parents didn’t believe he would make it this far in his football career. When the athlete told about his dream to become a professional footballer, his family didn’t believe it.

They thought he was chasing something impossible.

They told him to choose something sensible career like his siblings. Wout’s eldest brother became a pilot, and his immediate elder brother went on to become an architect.

Similarly, his younger brother, Niek, took a course suitable for the family business.

In the end, the talented footballer found his way. The skilled soccer player came up with the idea. He earned two university degrees. The first one is business administration which suited his family business, and the second one, which is more inclined to his football career. And the rest is history.

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